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AI/ML Special Interest Group (SIG)

AI/ML is a quasi-accurate tag which is frequently used to describe modern Machine Learning techniques which are referred to as "AI" as of late, regardless of how inaccurate that may be.

The Fedora AI/ML SIG is a grouping of like minded individuals and groups who are working towards improving the state of AI/ML and the associated toolchains in Fedora.


We are using Matrix and Discourse as our primary methods of coordination and communication. For the time being, we are also sharing a Discourse tag and Matrix room with the PyTorch and HC SIGs until it makes sense to split them into separate rooms/tags.

Get Involved

The AI/ML SIG is in the early phases of forming and there is plenty of work going on, primarily in the area of packaging. More areas will be added as time goes on but the current primary focuses are:

  • In practice, some form of acceleration is needed for modern AI/ML workflows. The effort to get AMD's ROCm toolchain packaged in Fedora is ongoing and more packaging help is welcome. Tracking page for ROCm packaging effort
  • The PyTorch packaging effort is just starting and given the number of packages they're looking at, could also use more help. See the PyTorch SIG page for more details.




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