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In process.
We need more participants to help.


We are working on form a group of people pushing and maintaining Deepin Desktop Environment in Fedora. Our mission is to define a high-quality Deepin DE experience to Fedora users and developers.


As of now, most of the packages are in Fedora. Please refer to the tracker bug for the packages.

For multi-media packages, refer to the tracker in RPMFusion bugzilla.


How you can help

If you have no idea how to help us with making Deepin Desktop Environment into Fedora here are some proposals where we need help:

  • Packagers: There are so many interesting packages that are not yet packaged for Fedora or need to be updated. Package it to improve the experience.
  • Reviewers: Only a few persons are doing the DeepinDE-related reviews. Help us reviewing the package requests to make things happen quickly.
  • Testers: If you want to try Deepin Desktop Environment use the development version or the updates-testing repository and report bugs, We need your feedback to improve it.


As of now, we don't have a dedicated way for communication yet. We will be requesting a mailing list shortly. The preferred way of getting in touch with us is by email. Of course you can reach many of us by IRC in various channels.