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In process.
We need more participants to help.


We are working on form a group of people pushing and maintaining Deepin Desktop Environment in Fedora. Our mission is to define a high-quality Deepin DE experience to Fedora users and developers.


Sync with Arch Linux

Versions of packages are kept synchronized with Arch Linux [1], not with upstream directly.

We also follow the package naming of Arch Linux. Deepin packages are prefixed with 'deepin-'.


As of now, most of the packages are in Fedora. Please refer to the tracker bug for the packages.

For multi-media packages, refer to the tracker in RPMFusion bugzilla.

List Ordered by Build Sequence (Go)

  1. deepin-gir-generator (not updated in long term)
  2. golang-github-linuxdeepin-go-x11-client
  3. golang-deepin-go-lib
  4. deepin-desktop-schemas
  5. golang-github-linuxdeepin-dbus-factory
  6. deepin-api
  7. deepin-pw-check (new in F35)
  8. startdde
  9. deepin-daemon

List Ordered by Build Sequence (Other)

  1. dtkcommon (new in F35)
  2. deepin-gettext-tools
  3. dtkcore
  4. dtkwm (not updated in long term, required by only screenshot and system-monitor)
  5. dtkgui
  6. dtkwidget
  7. deepin-session-ui
  8. docparser (not updated in long term)
  9. gio-qt (not updated in long term)
  10. deepin-desktop-base
  11. deepin-icon-theme (not updated in long term)
  12. deepin-qt-dbus-factory
  13. deepin-polkit-agent
  14. deepin-qt5integration
  15. deepin-menu (upstream halted)
  16. deepin-app-services (pending review)
  17. deepin-network-utils (no longer used)
  18. deepin-control-center
  19. deepin-dock
  20. deepin-network-core
  21. deepin-launcher
  22. udisks2-qt5 (not updated in long term)
  23. disomaster (not updated in long term)
  24. deepin-file-manager
  25. deepin-calculator
  26. deepin-editor
  27. deepin-image-editor (updates not applicable for Fedora)
  28. deepin-image-viewer (updates not applicable for Fedora)
  29. deepin-system-monitor
  30. deepin-account-faces
  31. deepin-gtk-theme (not updated in long term)
  32. deepin-sound-theme
  33. deepin-shortcut-viewer
  34. deepin-screensaver
  35. deepin-calendar
  36. deepin-draw
  37. deepin-wayland-protocols
  38. dwayland
  39. deepin-kwin
  40. deepin-wayland (new in F35, to be retired)
  41. deepin-qt5platform-plugins
  42. deepin-screenshot (not updated in long term)
  43. deepin-terminal
  44. deepin-session-shell
  45. deepin-wallpapers


How you can help

If you have no idea how to help us with making Deepin Desktop Environment into Fedora here are some proposals where we need help:

  • Packagers: There are so many interesting packages that are not yet packaged for Fedora or need to be updated. Package it to improve the experience.
  • Reviewers: Only a few persons are doing the DeepinDE-related reviews. Help us reviewing the package requests to make things happen quickly.
  • Testers: If you want to try Deepin Desktop Environment use the development version or the updates-testing repository and report bugs, We need your feedback to improve it.


Join our mailing list. Of course you can reach many of us by IRC in various channels.