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Fedora Education Spin Meeting 14th January 2009

Meeting Agenda

  1. Current Status & TODO List
  2. Test Plans & User Feedback
  3. Marketing
  4. Artwork
  5. Documentation

Meeting Minutes

* Loaded log from Wed Jan 14 16:11:57 2009
sdziallasokay, folks, my watch says it's time... let's get this party started!
sdziallasthe agenda is here: <a href=""></a>
sdziallasnow how about a quick roll call? who's here?
sdziallastomeu: :)
* hanthana here
tomeuhi all
sdziallasHi! (just in time for the roll call ;)
hanthanahi tomeu :)
sdziallaswell, sounds like we could just move on following the agenda...: CURRENT STATUS
sdziallasso let me put it this way: some preliminary work on an education spin has been done, here's the wiki page for it: SIGs/Education/EducationLive
hanthanaappreciate if we can introduce, at list FAS name
rdietergood idea, Rex Dieter, rdieter
tomeuI'm a sugar developer, Tomeu Vizoso, tomeu
* sdziallas was too quick - as usual. ;)
hanthanaDanishka Navin, fas: snavin
hanthanasdziallas: no worries ;)
sdziallasyou should know me: Sebastian Dziallas, sdz
hanthanaha ha
hanthanaany other attendees?
hanthanasdziallas: go ahead
* ongolaBoy is just a visitor interested in education matters...
rdieterongolaBoy: welcome
hanthanahi ongolaBoy :)
sdziallasthere we go! as I said, we've started. there's a table in the wiki, listing some applications, I've drafted some kickstart files up, and well:
rdieterhow'd xcfe vs kde go?  need more beer to decide?
sdziallasI've currently two builds around here, one is KDE-based, the other one uses XFCE.
sdziallasI think that's the decision we need to make first. and now.
sdziallasTo give you a quick overview:
sdziallasThe KDE spin currently only includes Qt4-based software, since I wouldn't want kdelibs3 being pulled in. It includes a number of apps, but not all (yet) - e.g., I didn't add krita (or another Gimp alternative), yet.
sdziallasIt's size is right now 636 MB.
sdziallasThe XFCE one is pretty much complete, includes some other apps, due to its GTK-nature. But you get at least kdeedu on both. That spin has right now a size of 666 MB, even though I've one or two ideas for further apps.
sdziallasI feel it's clear enough that we're not going to release both.
sdziallasSo what we need is a decision, on how we're going to proceed.
hanthanawe need at least 20MB for re-spin for other locales, so xfce is my choice
hanthanacoz, xfce spin contain more apps than kde spin
sdziallasAs I said, I can work with both. I just need some feedback here. I'm personally using partly XFCE on the OLPC, but this doesn't prevent me from using KDE or something else (as Sugar ;).
ongolaBoyfor which people do you intend to release this spin ?
rdieterongolaBoy: good question, we don't have a clearly targetted audience, mostly for lack of feedback (ie, not sure what people want/need).
sdziallasIt's for students, but also for teachers, pupils and schools - though, we're not going to put gcompris on it, because its intended for pupils under our target age. I'd tend to talk about something like an age of 12+...
* rdieter is indifferent wrt xfce vs kde, might be interesting to explore something new/different with xfce.
ongolaBoypersonaly i prefer xfce because of the low machines that i have in my environment...
sdziallasrdieter is right there: in the past, we've been doing what we thought would fit people's needs best. but due to a lack of feedback, it turned out, that it was not always the best...
ongolaBoybut i suggest you to release what you, the developpers, want to do
sdziallasyeah, that's also why I want us to talk about it. but the better we can fit people's needs, the better for us, as developers, because our stuff becomes - hopefully - more used ;)
sdziallasso I think... we'll have a closer look at the xfce spin?!
hanthanaso, guys lets fix xfce as the spin
ongolaBoyso, if i was able to vote ;) i prefer xfce
hanthana+1 xfce
sdziallasokay, I'll take a note and update the spin's page in the wiki with an updated list.
tomeuabout sugar, better wait until there's better support for unmodified apps
tomeunext release, hopefully
rdieterthere's already a sugar spin anyway, isn't there?
sdziallastomeu: yeah, in the meantime, we have the sugar spin (which I hope to get approved soonish, too)
sdziallasheh. *hint* :)
rdieterthat said, perhaps there could be merging here
tomeuyeah, I guess it will be very difficult to have a single spin good for all ages
sdziallasyep, that's true. we can't target everyone without... bloating it for someone.
sdziallas(neither sugar nor kdeedu is imo bloat, but I'd like to select apps, too)
tomeuyou can keep focusing now on 12+ and do something else later for <12
ongolaBoy+1 for +12
sdziallasyeah, I feel we should consider something on behalf of how those spins will be working together (or who they're targetting)...
sdziallasI'll make another note on that in the wiki / meeting summary.
sdziallasdoes anybody want to add something to the current state or can we move on?
sdziallasI'll take that as a no ;)
sdziallasWell, what needs to be done?
sdziallasThe spin needs some polishing: I'll update the kickstart file and will - once it's somehow ready - submit it to the Spin SIG for technical approval.
sdziallasNext steps are then approval from the board and finally from rel-eng. Those are the steps... concerning policy.
hanthanasdziallas: before that shall we do a small user testing?
sdziallasWhat else do we need? Imo, feedback, feedback, and still more feedback...
hanthanaby giving the spin to selected people [students and teachers]
sdziallas(which brings us also to point 03 on the list - they go hand in hand, I think)
sdziallashanthana: I think it might be a good idea - not necessarily before submitting it to Spin SIG, but I think such a testing can't be too bad. So a +1 here.
ongolaBoy'hand in hand' should be the fastest way to have feedback from users
hanthanai can help for that
sdziallasWe might think about a fitting time (frame) here, but we can run such a test in parallel.
hanthanaas i have contacts with local Edu officials
sdziallasYeah, ongolaBoy!
sdziallashanthana: that would be great!
hanthanalets fix a time frame for 1st feedback
* ongolaBoy has a low internet connection :(
sdziallasBtw: For any inofficial - pre-release spins - we need a possibility to host it somewhere. (If you don't want to build it everytime on your own)
* sdziallas checks F11 schedule
hanthanai mean, lets give them one week for testing/playing
sdziallashanthana: a week or so would be fine with me, maybe two, but not more, since we also need some time for the results and working on it...
hanthanasdziallas: lets ready for one week,
hanthanathey might take another week if they want
sdziallas(another note for me and the wiki ;)
sdziallassounds good to me.
sdziallasnext question: when do we want to start this? Here's the schedule for F11: Releases/11/Schedule
sdziallasFeature freeze is at the beginning of march.
hanthana2009-04-14 - Final Development Freeze
sdziallasI need some time for preparing the kickstart, then it needs to be built. And then, we let the testing run for a week or so, right?
hanthanalets target march
sdziallasfor testing? or for having something really working ready?
hanthana really working ready
sdziallas(this doesn't prevent us from working on pre-release stuff, either.)
hanthanasdziallas: i would like to start testing before February
sdziallasany objections or additions here? we might need to use a F10 base then for testing; Rawhide might be too buggy.
ongolaBoythe 'final' release should rolled out with f11 right ?
rdieterI can help host a spin
hanthanardieter: cool
rdieterfor testing, that is.
sdziallasrdieter: that would be great :)
hanthanai am also trying to locally host
hanthanahere we have schooNet, and University Network
rdieterI can be a torrent seed/tracker is what I had in mind.
rdieterhanthana: you?
rdieteras a side note, I finally dropped the f9-edu preview spin that had been hosted for quite awhile, nope nobody minds...
hanthanardieter: i am planning for direct download and hand to hand distribution
rdieterhanthana: cool, when/if that's available, let me know, and I'll add it as a web seed for the torrent
sdziallasrdieter: nope... that's more than okay ;)
sdziallasokay, this sounds like a good plan (having both)!
hanthanatomorrow i am talking to edu officials, regarding hosting and distributing of the test copy
hanthanaand we need a creating a bugzilla component - ToDo
hanthanabtw, sdziallas when we are going to start the testing?
hanthanalets fix a time duration now
* sdziallas hasn' checked out yet, how to do this; but I'll make a note regarding bugzilla, to look into this
rdieterI would venture that spin approval is a prereq for any bz component creation, but I could be wrong
sdziallaswell... I don't need a long time for preparing the kickstart file (so somebody wants further apps on it - *that* is the time to suggest them, to get 'em tested) ;)
sdziallas*if somebody wants further apps...
hanthanashall we start from 25th Jan to 7th Feb
sdziallasrdieter: might be true. if necessary, I can ask around ;)
sdziallashanthana: I'm fine with that.
sdziallasleaves us enough time to make sure we're not distributing bad stuff to the testers and is still way enough before march.
sdziallasany objections? if not, I'll add that to the wiki after the meeting, too.
* ongolaBoy has nothing to add ...
sdziallasokey dokey. (just want to make sure everybody's happy)
sdziallaswhat else there is left? documentation? an artwork?
hanthana04. Marketting plan for spreading fedora edu spin
sdziallasmarketing is good. :)
hanthanaMarketting plan for spreading fedora edu spin
hanthanaworkshops, seminas, installFest, etc
hanthanaFedora edu - tshirt for those who working for the project ;)
hanthanai do ..... workshops, seminas, installFest, etc
ongolaBoyconcerning Artwork, is it possible to ask to Nicu and his friends to create special stuff off edu
sdziallasI've... submitted a request for artwork some time ago:
ongolaBoybut i don't know how you communicate between team in general ...
rdietermost definietely possible, couldn't hurt to ask the fedora-art team, they're usually quite good at delivering
sdziallasbut that was ages ago - I recieved a wiki banner from tatica, but I didn't add it yet, since I felt... it would need to be discussed with her / the artwork team first.
hanthanasdziallas: we need a poster/ Boucher
sdziallasI also asked for special artwork for our spin, such as a wallpaper, but: work in progress, afaik ;)
rdieterwould probably help if someone volunteered to lead the art effort, and potentially poke/prod/bribe them
sdziallasyeah, well, I can go and update the request quite a bit... I'm a bit lazy about poking 'em, but I could do that. (hopefully, I don't forget) ;)
* sdziallas makes another mental note.
sdziallasokay? anything else on behalf of artwork? nope?...
ongolaBoysdziallas:at least for artwork, update your request by replacing kde by xfce...
hanthanasdziallas: 'adding a wallpaper ' grate idea!!
sdziallasongolaBoy, yeah; will do. it's quite outdated there, I know...
sdziallasokay :)
hanthanado we need CD/DVD cover?
sdziallasmaybe later on, yeah. and some flyers couldn't hurt either. But partly general Fedora stuff should be fine, too.
* sdziallas loves our t-shirts :)
hanthanawe can add Edu spin promotion with F11 release
sdziallas(for which we need rel-engs approval, but I'll take care of that)
sdziallasokay? can we move on here? (sorry if I'm rushing a bit)
hanthanaHowTos related to the Fedora Education Spin.
hanthanafor an example;
hanthana'How to install Edu Spin to the system?'
hanthana'How to install other software using Fedora repo?'
sdziallasthe latter one should be more or less explained somewhere (I'd bet there are already howtos for this), but the first or 'which additional educational software can I get?' or 'what does this app offer me?' would be other examples...
sdziallasthis one could be worked out together with questions we might recieve from testing...
hanthanagood idea
ongolaBoy'what package can i use for algebra,geometry,electronics,...?'
hanthanaongolaBoy: +1
sdziallasokay... anything else you want to discuss?
hanthanafixing dates for next meeting?
sdziallaswell, that's our last task, before adjourning the meeting, I think ;)
sdziallasso if there's nothing more to discuss, I thing we can head for that, yeah.
hanthana'getting more ppl ' we can achieve this during testing period
sdziallasyep, that's marketing, testing, all that...
hanthanawe have to meet before starting the testing session
sdziallashonestly, I'm not sure, yet: next week would be the 21st. I think we should talk again before beginning the testing, touh.
hanthanaok 21st fine for me
hanthanardieter: ongolaBoy: sdziallas: any idea?
sdziallaswell, let's note the 21st for the moment. I cannot promise that it will work for me, yet, but I think it should.
sdziallas(if the others agree)
ongolaBoyhum... i can't give a date because i'm not very available ;choose date that fit to you
ongolaBoyany date i mean
sdziallasokay? 21st for now?
sdziallasthere we go. we might reconsider it again, if it doesn't fit for anybody. well... is that it? are we done?
sdziallasthanks everybody for attending!
hanthanathanks all!
hanthanalets make a good spin for the community!!
ongolaBoyi appreciate your efforts
sdziallasyeah! :)
sdziallasso I'd say...
sdziallas= meeting adjourned =

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