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Meeting Time


  • GeraldCox
  • KevinKofler
  • LukasTinkl
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl
  • ThanNgo




Waves desktop background:

  • Bug #439811 asks for also including the svgs in desktop-backgrounds to be able to use these instead of the pngs.

New xine-lib PA plugin:

  • KDE currently uses the alsa output device through phonon to workaround the not-working PA plugin for xine.
  • Since the native PulseAudio plugin for xine-lib is working again we'll test it when xine-lib is patched.
  • Contingency plan: stay with the current ALSA solution.
  • Test plan: Wait for xine-lib to include the PulseAudio plugin and test it with amarok or other xine apps.

kdemultimedia3 pkg review:

  • A kdemultimedia3 compat package would contain libarts_* for arts support in KDE3 applications.
  • Packages that still use arts: k3b, koffice-kpresenter, basket, taxipilot, kbilliards, allegro, gg2, kadu, xeuphoric, gnubg
  • If possible, the packages should disable arts support (eg. if it's only used for playing hardcoded sounds).
  • The package will be pulled from review for now.

state of konq-plugins:

  • All plugins in konq-plugins should be tested for functionality.
  • Not working plugins will be disabled.
  • The akregator plugin will need kdepim to work properly but Sebastian Vahl wants to avoid a hard dependency on kdepim.
  • Proper solutions would be:
  • Create a sub package just for one plugin and let this package require kdepim.
  • Omit akgreator from konq-addons.
  • don't require kdepim at all (like kdeaddons does)
  • add a short explanation to %description
  • The decision was to use the latter.

Open discussion:

  • KDM theme circles:
  • Default KDM theme does not really fit between RHGB and Ksplash/Desktop background.
  • Because there likely will be no GDM theme to adopt, one solution could be to use a non-themed KDM with "waves" as background wallpaper.


(These comments are written after the meeting)