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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • pre-Beta live image feedback
    • #474530: can we put this to rest -)
    • kde-plasma-networkmanagement status
    • F11 release notes
  • recent bugs:




pre-Beta live image feedback:

  • There was no relevant feedback yet (especially that the basic features works).

#474530: can we put this to rest -):

  • In Fedora 11 gnome-packagekit won't be started by default anymore. ("Solution B")
  • So - with kpackagekit installed by default in F11 - there won't be two competing package manager (icons) anymore.
  • The kpackagekit package will also be prepared to include the existing translations (upstream missed them).

kde-plasma-networkmanagement status:

  • kde-plasma-networkmanagement was pushed to updates-testing for F10 and F9.
  • It was reported to work at least basically, but some features are broken or missing (eg. enable/disable network, problems with WPA2, not-working VPN).
  • It was also unclear if this plasmoid will be ready for enabling it by default (in the future, not now).

F11 release notes:

  • KevinKofler will prepare the release notes for Fedora 11 Final.


(These comments are written after the meeting)