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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • RPM Macros for packaging
    • critical path packages [1] - does it affect us? should it? how?
    • any issues to bring up in the FESCo meeting?
    • sharing brand with upstream
    • Fedora 12 KDE 4.3 feature page
  • recent bugs:

Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes Full log


Kevin_Kofler elected to FESCo, any issues to bring up in the FESCo meeting?

  • congratulations Kevin!
  • next FESCo meeting is on Friday, if you have any issues to bring up in the FESCo meeting, contact Kevin

RPM Macros for packaging

  • MathStuf to take it to mailing list for further discussion
  • we should have macros for the common directories, any advantage to have macros for all stuff?
  • it can help cleanup SPEC files
  • do we need all KDE 3 macros?

critical path packages - does it affect us? should it? how?

  • do we want to be on the list of critical packages?
    • if yes - which packages should be on the list?
    • if not - are we going to be treated as second citizens?
  • rdieter is releng -> signoff group, so he could be our insider to check critical updates affecting KDEs
  • we don't have QA
    • SMParrish is triager
    • we need QA volunteer
    • we have to define QA process
      • we need testing plan
      • basic QA is "try to use the desktop and report any breakage you notice"
      • we need some targets like "does WPA in kde-plasma-nm work?" for a kde-plasma-nm update etc.
    • rdieter will prepare concept

sharing brand with upstream

  • jreznik contacted pinheiro (upstream) for his idea
  • fedora design team feels more negative on this
  • we'd like to try, we need more communication between upstream and our design team
  • jreznik to continue as liason between fedora-art team and upsream kde art folks in "sharing branding"

Fedora 12 KDE 4.3 feature page

  • helps the marketing/qa machine
  • what we should promote for F12
    • ltinkl is working on Device Kit Solid Backend
    • jreznik is working on Policy Kit 1
  • Kevin_Kofler pointed out concerns about Device Kit state

Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

  • jreznik is attending GCDS, if you have something for upstream, contact him

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