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Meeting Time





qtwebkit jit/selinux problem: update?

  • current state is unknown to KDE SIGgers
  • we have to contact upstream
  • it should be handled for both Qt/Gtk WebKits as both are affected
  • jreznik to lead efforts to improve webkit jit/selinux situation

#565420: akonadi kcm not shown in systemsettings

  • with kdepim-runtime-4.4.0, upstream decided to hide the akonadi-related kcm's...
  • "Users should not need it" is not an explanation
  • ltinkl to contactd kdepim upstream about the decision/rationale behind hiding akonadi kcm's
    • with prepared use cases!
  • we agreed that we will show the Akonadi KCM in System Settings in Fedora (at least for now).

open discussion

  • we will delay decision on what to do with qt-4.6.3 for 2-3 days
  • we will have a new de-based mirror for kde repos soon