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Interview Queue

Folks who have volunteered to be interviewed but we haven't interviewed yet:

  • davidstrauss
  • jsmith

Interview #1: kdetony

  • Works at a big energy company
  • Works on a team of 6 sys admins, 2 in Peru, 4 in Chicago
  • Manages approximately 1000 servers
    • Half and half physical/virtual (KVM and Xen Cloud)
    • All Java
    • Each environment is cloned, the differences are in the versions of mod_jk and/or JDK
    • Load-balancing configuration
    • Changes managed via scripts (shell vs python or perl depends on the complexity) - company policy requires these are written and maintained in-house only


  • Automate all the things!
  • Better understand the status of all systems, including installed software and utilization of system resources.
  • When modifying a system, define a recipe that describes the changes to make, then later do a diff on the system to see the correct functionality


  • Likes the idea of being able to customize on the needs one can have


  • Production pushes where the JDK crashes.
  • Production pushes where the VM has to be taken down and have its capacity raised before the new version of the application can be started.