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Server Working Group Resources


  • The Server working group meets twice-monthly every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 17:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on
  • ical: (prefer this source; the wiki sometimes gets out of date, but we keep that meeting correct to reserve the meeting channel).


This is the home for the Server working group, which is the team of people working on putting together the Fedora Server product. The founding initiative can be referred here.

Vision Statement

Anyone should be able to confidently obtain, configure and deploy software services that address their needs using readily-available and trustworthy recipes.

(This statement approved during the September 6, 2016 meeting.)

Mission Statement

Fedora Server Edition is an ecosystem ideal for creating and operating validated service roles addressing most computing needs.

(This statement approved during the September 6, 2016 meeting.)

Currently Ongoing Work Projects

  1. Buildup of a renewed documentation on Fedora Server specific topics
  2. Facilitated deployment of key services by combining rpm and Ansible
  3. Improved support for off-premise Kickstart and pxe installation
  4. Revisiting defaults... filesystem/partitioning
  5. Easy integration into multi-node environments with tools like Ansible
  6. Review Server Installation Media

Completed or Deferred Work Projects

  1. Revision of the Fedora Server 'Product Requirement Document' (PRD) (IRC 2021-06-23)
  2. Explore opportunities for cooperation with Cloud WG / SIG (IRC 2021-06-02)
  3. Facilitated and improved support for Fedora Server Edition VMs


Meeting Frequency and Times

  • The Server working group meets on a bi-weekly basis in #fedora-meeting.
  • The regularly scheduled meeting time is 17:00 UTC every 1st and 3rd Wednesday.
  • If there is no agenda, the meeting will be cancelled and the group leader / FESCo liaison will send out a cancellation notice to the mailing list.
  • In the case where a voting member can not make a meeting where a vote is scheduled to happen, they can either pre-vote via the mailing list or abstain-by-default.
  • During meetings, silence indicates consent. If people disagree, then that will bring it to a vote.
  • After meetings, meeting minutes will be sent to the mailing list.

Managing and Tracking Progress

  • Working documents for the group will be stored here on the Fedora project wiki.
  • Agenda items, decisions, and issues will also be stored here on the Fedora project wiki until which time the group decides it is not scalable and another tool would be more suitable.


Approved Documents

Working Documents

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Meeting Minutes

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