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What is this?

The purpose of this page is to help with sending stuff to Fedora contributors who live in countries which have weird custom regulations. Most of these countries are non-EU ones and possibly others.

Please add your country to the list if there is need to.

The idea is to link this page when you are supposed to receive something (like media or swag) so the sending party knows how to package it.

We are usually sending swag or media, which aren't items of great value (compared to for example, electronics) but still, the customs can delay, or reject the right of the receiver to get their packages.

Country rules and tips


Serbian customs are really tough, and individuals can't import almost anything without paying huge fees and handling big delays. When sending to Serbia please keep in mind:

  • The package value should be specified as less than 50 euros
    • If it is more than 50 euros (in some cases $50, depending on the officer) the individual cannot import the package without paying a really big fee and waiting for quite some time for the package to be cleared of customs
  • The package contents should be marked as gifts for personal purposes
    • No commercial purpose, otherwise customs require that some company acts as a mediator - usually not possible and with huge fees and delays
  • The package should be marked as completely free - no payments made or required
    • Related to above, customs take packages which are 'unpaid' and require a proof of payment and obviously taxes
  • The package contents should have a quantity of one
    • If you have a lot of stuff in the package, you can't specify the quantity on the included paperwork (i.e. proforma invoice). If the quantity is more than 1-2 items, the customs in Serbia again demand a mediator company to be involved, because an individual cannot import more than one item for his or hers personal usage. (ex. A package was unable to pass through customs because there were 10 Fedora pens in it - and the customs officer said to me that I can only import one or two pens, and not more than this, because he suspected I wanted to sell them :( ...) Tip: On the proforma invoice and other paperwork, just write: "gift package - qty: 1" - that should work and it has for me, on one occasion
  • Don't use the term: "promotional materials"
    • Promotional materials are always commercial (in the eyes of the Serbian customs) - so avoid specifying this on the paperwork when sending swag or media
  • If possible the sender should not be a company
    • It is much easier to get the package through customs if the sender is a non-organizational entity (i.e. a regular person)
  • If possible avoid FedEx, DHL, UPS etc.
    • From experience, packages sent with regular national post offices services are more likely to clear customs without issues. Plan your shipment in advance, as this is a slower way of sending stuff.