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Justin W. Flory
Justin W. Flory
Personal information
Location: Rochester, NY
GPG-Key: 014131E4
Fedora-specific Information
fas-name: jflory7
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Contact information
Twitter: jflory7 {{{}}}
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IRC: jwf on
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GitHub: jflory7
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About Me

I'm a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology and majoring in Networking & Systems Administration. I intend to graduate in 2019. I started using Linux (and Fedora) in December 2013 - Fedora 20 was my first Linux distribution. Growing up with Apple hardware, I slowly made the transition from OS X to Linux, and now proudly run all of my devices with Linux-based operating systems. I am extremely passionate about free and open source software and I try to champion it anywhere I can. As part of my time at RIT, I plan to pursue the FOSS Minor as part of my degree.

I'm generally idling somewhere on IRC around the clock (IRC: jwf), so if you see me, feel free to ping me and say hi!


  • Email: jflory7 [at] fedoraproject [dot] org
  • IRC: jwf
  • Common IRC Channels:
    • #fedora
    • #fedora-admin
    • #fedora-ambassadors
    • #fedora-apps
    • #fedora-campusamb
    • #fedora-commops
    • #fedora-council
    • #fedora-design
    • #fedora-diversity
    • #fedora-games
    • #fedora-join
    • #fedora-mktg
    • #fedora-python
    • #fedora-reddit
    • #fedora-summer-coding
    • #fedora-women
    • #archlinux-women
    • #rit-foss
    • #ritlug
    • #ubuntu-women
    • ##jflory7
  • Twitter

Activities Within Fedora

Being involved with Fedora has always interested me, and I try to get involved where I can. Most of my contributions are as a(n)…

I also write an occasional blog post of my own for Fedora Planet.

Activities Outside Fedora

In addition to working on Fedora, I also have managed my own Minecraft server network called CrystalCraftMC for the past four years. I am a community moderator for SpigotMC, a free and open source Minecraft server software. I have a large span of knowledge surrounding the Minecraft open source community as a whole.

At my university, I am currently the president of RITlug (RIT Linux Users Group). I am strongly involved with the FOSS@MAGIC initiative by helping promote open source across my university.

I'm also a coffee fanatic and a former barista. I support Direct Trade Coffee!


I have a loose scratchpad of ideas, thoughts, or concepts that I need a place to put them, but don't belong anywhere specific. All of my ideas on my scratchpad are related to Fedora in some way - perhaps you may find some of them useful! Feel free to read through my pad.

My Scratchpad