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The Loongson CPU is not just a MIPS64, it needs special fixes on compilaton (see this ) , and it has extra multimedia instruction-set that should be supported by us.

So I suggest the primary target Loongson, and, the next step, adding a standard MIPS32-softfloat target for those mips-soc-based mobile devices. Even a multilib (/lib32, /lib64) solution is considerable.

Old content

Fedora on MIPS

Efforts are being taken to re-instantiate doing the Fedora MIPS port. The current content is kept for historic reference.

Steps to take

Tom went on to show how contributors can start a secondary architecture:

Step 1: Form the architecture team (Done)
Step 2: Get hardware for the architecture (In progress)
Step 3: Bootstrap the architecture (Partly done)
Step 4: Set up a Koji buildserver cluster (In progress)
Step 5: Create a tracker bug in Fedora bugzilla (Trac for now, since not an official 2nd port)
Step 6: Create a a mailing list (Done)
Step 7: Connect the architecture buildserver cluster to the primary cluster
Step 8: Get cvs access for the architecture team, set milestones

Resources to collect

Beijing Loongson User Group 北京龙芯用户俱乐部 , maintaining a Loongson repository based on Debian-mips.

Talks about Loongson on Linux-Ren forum

lyxmoo, the guy behind the thousands of RPMs for mipsel arch


XinZhen , leader

ZCMiao , founder

YuanYijun, founder

lyxmoo, invited