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If you support this put +1. (This will not have an accurate amount of supporters because few if any will visit this section of the wiki.


A few things to note here: What Fedora includes by default depends on the Spin you pick. If you pick the desktop Live CD, Firefox is default. In KDE, Live CD konqueror is default. In Xfce Live CD, Midori can be the default. Users can already pick and choose any browser they want. I don't understand at all how any of this is "anti-competitive"

Opera is not included in Fedora because it is not a free and open source browser.

-- Rahul Sundaram

Feature Wrangler Review 2009-12-1

There is still no one to own the writing of the code for this feature. Until there is, this feature should stay in FeaturePageIncomplete.

Thank you, poelcat 04:33, 2 December 2009 (UTC)