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Browser Choice Option


Give users the ability to simply choose what browser they want.


I am not able to implement this feature because my C++ coding skills are weak, but I am learning it on the side of my school work. I need someone to volunteer to make this possible. If you would like to do this send me a message so I can say I have someone willing to implement this. Then this feature can be a possible option. I need you! :)

Current Status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 13
  • Last updated: November 23, 2009

Detailed Description

Fedora (like many other Linux Distributions) comes with a browser pre-installed; e.g. Firefox, Konqueror. As this is great for some this is bad for others. People should get to choose what browser they want and not have to manually download and install their browser(s), people would rather fill in a check box or click a button. Make things simple for users but do not anger them at the same time. There are two solutions I have thought of.

1. In the Fedora Set-up Agent have a check-box for what browser(s) the user would like to use. E.g. Firefox, Opera, and Chromium. By that have an optional button that can help the user decide what browser is best for them by asking them a few questions or giving some basic non-biased information.

2. Have a browser ballot screen. The user would choose their browser after the set-up agent is complete, on the top bar would be some globe representing the Internet. They would click on that and be greeted with a browser ballot screen. Here is an example of a browser ballot screen.

Benefit to Fedora

This feature would give users the power to choose. With this you will not have to manually search, visit, download and install your browser. The current state of Fedora's browser method is anti-competitive. Users would rather fill in a check-box or click one button instead of go through a boring process. Doing this will make it simple, make it fast, make users happy.


What is proposed for creation:

  • A check-box for a users consent in the Fedora Set-up Agent.
  • An optional "Help me decide" button, this will help users decide which browser(s) they may want to use.
  • Have one of the browsers already checked at random or pre determined. (Could prevent a user from frustration)

(The browser ballot screen is just an option if FESCo dislikes the checkbox idea, what I am suggesting is the check-box. The ballot screen is a fallback idea.)

How to Test

Not available because this feature has no implementation.

User Experience

This will enhance user experience through simplicity and convenience.


If not completed in time continue implementation for Fedora 14.


None yet.

Release Notes

Not available because there is no current implementation of this feature.