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Found this earlier when I searched for LCA 2011 FAD. We can probably integrate dgilmore's plans with ours. --azneita

Since we are being as open as possible, here!


Hello, I am following up a phone call I made about fedora ambassadors booking the edge.

We need space to accommodate from 15 - 25~ people.

We'll need one of the riverside rooms with a projector for some of the small talks given by some members.

What times may we use these facilities.

Also, since this is the final day we will be seeing each other, we are organizing a fedora cake, would this be OK to bring into the edge, or will we have to find

somewhere else to eat the cake? Also since this is a whole day activity will we be able to bring in snacks?

We have the most up to date information here.

We really appreciate this,


Luke Martinez


Information: emails going to me can not be published. email me if you wish to have a copy!



Please find attached the form completed. Also, find below the answers to the questions.

Proposed dates and times for the event (include any set up and pack down times). Please note our opening hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 12.00 noon - 8.00 pm and Sunday, 12 noon – 6.00 pm. If you wish to use The Edge outside these hours a staffing cost will be incurred. We plan to use the space between 12 noon and 4:30pm including 30 minutes packing up time. On the Sunday 30th of January 2011.

Proposed space(s) at The Edge required - I think Lab 2 and Window Bay 6 will meet the requirements you suggested below

We propose to use 2 of the riverside meeting rooms. One with a projector and another with a white-board.

Information about how the project aligns with The Edge’s programming streams, please see: We will not be using any of the labs, but this is related very directly with marketing linux Information about any sponsorship / funding already obtained for the project We have not yet obtained funding from the fedora project for this, yet we will for the cake and snacks.

Advice as to the intended audience of the project, and whether the event will be free or you propose to charge admission

This is an invite event, but in the case that somebody sees the event going on and is interested in the fedora project they may join.

Whether you intend to provide catering or alcohol at the event –please note The Edge Coffee Stop sells drinks and snacks during opening hours so you will not need to bring these in. Bringing in a birthday cake should not be a problem but I will need to confirm this for you. Any other catering activities will need to be arranged by yourselves directly and will need to use a SLQ preferred caterer.

We will not be providing catering, we will be purchasing snacks from the Edge Coffee Shop. Also, could you please confirm whether we can bring a cake into one of the meeting rooms

. Technical and equipment requirements for the event.

We need a white-board and a room with a projector and both the rooms need power for laptops, we also need internet access.

Please advise if there is a cost for any of the items i have mentioned.

Thanks, Luke Martinez