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FAD Brisbane 2011 is actually an overflow event from LCA 2011 which happens 24-29 January. We're expecting a good number of APAC Fedora Ambassadors in town for LCA 2011,

When & Where

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  • Date: 30 Jan 2011
  • Time: 10am - 2:45pm (0000 UTC - 0445 UTC)
  • Venue: NQ1-6 Level One (green room), Brisbane Square Library (original venue The Edge is unavailable due to damage of flooding).
  • Capacity: 6-8 person.
  • Facilities: AV equipment (plasma screen for television & computer, data point for laptop NO internet connection provided to non library member, read below for more info, AV input points)
  • Food and drinks consumption: Allowed.
  • Please read the guidelines File:New Meeting Room Booking Form July 2010.doc in the application form.


This list is rough, and unfinished. Anyone working in fedora and/or red hat are invited to place their names on the 'offical' list below.

# FAS Name &
Full Name
Morning Breakfast/lunch LCA? Sponsorship Comment
1 Heherson Pagcaliwagan Yes Yes Approved in town for LCA2011
2 Caius Chance Yes Open Day No, sadly not on time. Ordering cake (and may be catering food). :)
3 Steven Yes Open Day Local Fresh graduated who wants to know more about Fedora for his software development projects
4 Johnny Yes No Local Small business owner who wants to know more about Fedora for his business operations
5 Jethro Carr yes Yes none wellington, new zealand
5 add yourself Y/n Y/n Nope??? ???

Proposed Schedule (need love)

Time Event Organizer Length Info
1000 FAD Start Kaio 30 mins Opening, self intro, internet + IRC set up
1030 Talk 1 azneita 30 mins Fedora Project in the Philippines
1100 Talk 2 presenter 2 30 mins
1200 Lunch + Cake Time Attendants 60 mins Share experience of LCA 2011 and Fedora Ambassadors
1300 FAD x APAC meeting Attendants & IRC 60 mins Discussions on #fedora-fad about FAm APAC
1400 Free time Attendants 30 mins Taking photos, spreading Fedora swags and other items for future FAm uses
1430 Pack up Attendants 15 mins Make sure all the belongings are not forgotten
1445 FAD Finish Security Guards Immediate Anyone who is not standing beyond will be kicked by guards. XD


  1. Talk #1
    • This talk will primarily be a narrative of how Fedora Project in the Philippines came to be what it is today and what we've been doing these past years and would be doing in the future.
  2. Talk #2
    • Please put your talks here.

Agenda (outdated, need love)

  • Fedora APAC 2011 Planning
    • APACK Box
    • Meeting IRC practices.
    • Meeting will be "broadcast" live over Fedora talk. and also notes will be made in #fedora-meeting. More information below.
  • Building up local contributors
  • Talks by ambassadors / Red Hat People


  • Ambassadors Meeting: We will be connected on IRC channel #fedora-ambassadors @ Freenode during the FAD time. Feel free to drop in and bring up topics for discussion.
  • Twitter: Kaio will twitpicting every now and then on his twitter.
  • Photos and Videos: The photos and videos will be uploaded to the internet and listed on this page.
  • Everyone who attended are encourage to blog this event!


Funding Required

  • Fedora Cake = AUD$51.40
  • Fedora Drink = less than AUD$3 per bottle
  • Paper plates & forks = less than AUD$10
  • Geek/Student Food = AUD$12-15 per person


  • Need updates on schedule!
  • Need registration of talks.
  • The new venue is booked.
  • The cake is ordered.
  • The drinks will be purchased from local supermarket on that day.
  • The meal is planned.