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Found this earlier when I searched for LCA 2011 FAD. We can probably integrate dgilmore's plans with ours. --azneita

Since we are being as open as possible, here!

≋≋≋BACON!≋≋≋ aka Email Openness

for the sake of openness these emails are avaliable for you to read, although some of them may be copyright so i can not put the here. But you can email me :) Asmartgoat 08:19, 30 November 2010 (UTC)

Hello, I am following up a phone call I made about fedora ambassadors booking the edge.

We need space to accommodate from 15 - 25~ people.

We'll need one of the riverside rooms with a projector for some of the small talks given by some members.

What times may we use these facilities.

Also, since this is the final day we will be seeing each other, we are organizing a fedora cake, would this be OK to bring into the edge, or will we have to find

somewhere else to eat the cake? Also since this is a whole day activity will we be able to bring in snacks?

We have the most up to date information here.

We really appreciate this,

Thank you,

Luke Martinez

____ Information: This email is subject to copyright laws and can not be published without permission from SLQ.

So i can not publish it here, but other emails dont have the copyright notice, so therefore can be redistributed. (i assume???) ____

This email contains fragments from the last email, and therefore can not be redistributed. Thankyou ___

Hello Luke

I have tentatively booked your group into Window Bays 5 and 6 from 12.00 - 5.00 pm on Sunday, 30 January 2011.

Please note the following:

Window Bays are not “meeting rooms” as such, but are spaces partitioned off by curtains.

Window Bays seat up to 12 people max.

Window Bay 6 comes equipped with a projector and therefore there will be no charge for this.

A whiteboard can be arranged for Window Bay 5 at the cost of $55.00.

Wifi internet access is available at The Edge and each window bay as access to power.

You are welcome to bring in the cake, but please note you will need to organise cutlery and plates yourselves.

It is the responsibility of patrons to leave window bays as they are found.

If these arrangements meet your requirements, please let us know by email and we will confirm your booking.

Kind Regards Karen _____


I am going to get one of our Brisbane Based people to go and check it out, and i'll let you know in a few days.

I have one question, is it possible to connect the two rooms by opening the blinds?

Thanks, Luke Martinez ___

Hi Luke

Yes you can pull the curtains in such a way that the two window bays can form one space.

Some images of The Edge are on our website at

Regards Karen _____


Thanks for the photos,

I'd like to confirm the booking of the 2 bays on the 30th of January 2011.

Thank you, Luke Martinez ___

Thank you Luke.

Your Window Bay bookings are confirmed.

Regards Karen ___

No Newer messages Asmartgoat 09:58, 3 December 2010 (UTC)

transferred some of the original stuff from the wiki that has become outdated

Accomodation and Stay

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  • Purchase bottled water, if your not comfortable with drinking "recycled" water. (only applicable in Queensland)
  • Get a hotel near the state library of Queensland