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FESCo Concerns

  • Has this feature been ran past the Desktop team? If not, it should be before going to FESCo. - Brian Pepple
    • That was not mentioned as a required step for feature proposal so no. I have sent a mail to the SIG mailing list requesting comments. - David Nielsen
    • Deciding the default applications for the desktop falls under the scope of the Desktop team, so they should sign-off on the feature before it comes to FESCo like it has the past with Empathy & swfdec-mozilla. This requirement should probably be put in the feature process if it isn't already. - Brian Pepple

Rhythmbox to Banshee migration

I've created a Rhythmbox database importer which is committed in upstream Banshee an should be released with 1.6. It includes songs, podcasts and playlists. -- Paul Lange

- Excellent, if 1.6 is not released by the time the feature freeze is in place can I get you to backport it to give our users this funtionality in the version we ship at release should the feature be accepted? - David Nielsen


One upstream developer has mentioned that there are some limitations to the current Rhythmbox architecture. Nobody has ever mentioned that development would be stopped. Given that there are 3 other maintainers for the program, and a lot of contributors, it would be far from dead. Bastien Nocera

Furthermore, I'll take offence to Banshee saying it has a history of stability. Given that I've been able to make it crash on a number of occasions, and without too much work, I'll refute that fact. It would also imply that Rhythmbox is crashy, which puts my skills as an upstream developer and a downstream maintainer of the project into question.


Rhythmbox does have:

  • Visual effects
  • An integrated CD importer and player, which uses the non-deprecated libmusicbrainz3