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== Stuff for F13 ==
* Really do QA test plans.
* Keep an eye on lzma + squashfs for 2.6.33.
* Ask about splitting mahjong into separate rpm from kde games.
* Ask about getting demo versions of some large games where it will help.
** It won't help with Wesnoth as images and sound is used across campaigns for the most part.
** I had previously asked the nexuiz maintainer, but the data comes in a blob that would be hard to split up.
* Possible new games.
** kcheckers - recently added to Fedora.
** dungeonhack - some preparations for packaging are being worked on.
** ivan - packaging being attempted, but moving slowly.
** vdrift - if space becomes available
* Review games currently in spin.
* Review all games in Fedora.

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