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The Fedora Games Lab offers a perfect show-case of the best games available in Fedora. The included games span several genres, from first person shooters to real-time and turn based strategy games to puzzle games.

Not all the games available in Fedora are included on this lab, but trying out this lab will give you a fair impression of Fedora's abilities to run great games.

This is a great lab to hand out events where there will be people interested in test driving Fedora to see what it is like.

This lab includes a number of popular games including Battle for Wesnoth, FreeCiv, Scorched 3D, SuperTuxKart and Nethack.

Fedora Games Lab demonstrates Fedora's ability to play games. The best games in a number of categories are included in the lab.

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Detailed Description

  • The lab is based off the XFCE desktop spin (minus wine). There is not room on a DVD for all of the games in Fedora. The intention is to try to include the best games from various genres. Included games should be playable without third party downloads. For some very large games or games that can use downloaded data, just a demo version might be included.
  • Below is a list of games included:
Package Name Web site Summary
abe Scrolling, platform-jumping, ancient pyramid exploring game
alienblaster Action-loaded 2D arcade shooter game
amoebax Action-Puzzle Game
armacycles-ad A lightcycle game in 3D
asc Advanced Strategic Command
astromenace Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities
auriferous Game inspired by the classic Loderunner
ballbuster Move the paddle to bounce the ball and break all the bricks
blobwars Mission and Objective based 2D Platform Game
bombardier The GNU Bombing utility
boswars Bos Wars is a futuristic real-time strategy game
btanks Funny battle on your desk
bygfoot Bygfoot Football Manager
bzflag 3D multi-player tank battle game
cdogs-sdl C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up
celestia OpenGL real-time visual space simulation
childsplay Suite of educational games for young children
clanbomber Lay bombs and Blast the other players of the field game using ClanLib
colossus Allows people to play Titan against each other or AIs
crack-attack Puzzle action game
CriticalMass SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game also known as critter
crossfire-client Client for connecting to crossfire servers
dd2 Dodgin' Diamond 2 - Shoot'em up arcade game
enigma Clone of the ATARI game Oxyd
escape Extensible block-pushing puzzle game
extremetuxracer 3D racing game featuring Tux
fillets-ng Fish Fillets Next Generation, a puzzle game with 70 levels
foobillard OpenGL billard game
freeciv A multi-player strategy game
freecol Turn-based multi-player strategy game
freedoom Replacement game files for doom game engines
freedroidrpg Role playing game with Freedroid theme and Tux as the hero
frozen-bubble Frozen Bubble arcade game
gcompris Educational suite for kids 2-10 years old
gemdropx Falling blocks puzzlegame
gl-117 Action flight simulator
glaxium An OpenGL space shooter
glob2 An innovative RTS game
gnubg A backgammon game and analyser
gnugo Text based go program
gweled Swapping gem game
haxima A full-featured role-playing game for the Nazghul engine (was previously nazghul-haxima)
hedgewars 2D tankbattle game with the tanks replaced by hedgehogs
kcheckers Checkers board game
KoboDeluxe 3'rd person scrolling 2D shooter
knights A chess board for KDE
lbrickbuster2 Brickbuster arcade game
lincity-ng City Simulation Game
lmarbles Atomix clone where you create figures out of marbles
londonlaw Online multiplayer version of a well known detective boardgame
lordsawar Turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting
Maelstrom Space combat game
magicor Push ice blocks around to extinguish all fires
maniadrive 3D stunt driving game
methane Super Methane Brothers
megaglest Open Source 3d real time strategy game
mirrormagic Puzzle game where you steer a beam of light using mirrors
nethack A rogue-like single player dungeon exploration game
nethack-vultures NetHack - Vulture's Eye and Vulture's Claw
netpanzer An Online Multiplayer Tactical Warfare Game
njam Maze-game, eat all the cookies while avoiding the badguys
nogravity Space shooter in 3D
openlierox Addictive realtime multiplayer 2D shoot-em-up
pachi Pachi El Marciano - Platform Game
pingus Guide the penguins safely home before they drop of the cliff
pioneers Turnbased board strategy game (colonize an island)
pipenightdreams Connect the waterpipes to create a proper pipeline
pipepanic A pipe connecting game
planets A celestial simulator
powermanga Arcade 2D shoot-them-up game
pychess Chess game for GNOME
PySolFC A collection of solitare card games
quarry A multi-purpose board game GUI
rocksndiamonds Underground digging game
rogue The original graphical adventure game
scorched3d Game based loosely on the classic DOS game Scorched Earth
seahorse-adventures Help barbie the seahorse float on bubbles to the moon
shippy Space invaders / Galaxians like game with powerups
solarwolf A Python port of SolarFox
sopwith SDL port of the sopwith game
stormbaancoureur Simulated obstacle course for automobiles
taxipilot Game where you pilot a taxi in space
tecnoballz A Brick Busting game
tmw 2D MMORPG world
trackballs Steer a marble ball through a labyrinth
tuxpaint Drawing program designed for young children
tuxpaint-stamps Extra stamp files for tuxpaint
tuxtype2 Tux Typing, an educational typing tutor for children
ularn Simple roguelike game
ultimatestunts Remake of the famous DOS-game Stunts
vodovod A pipe connecting game
warmux 2D convivial mass murder game
warzone2100 Innovative 3D real-time strategy
wesnoth Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme
wordwarvi Side-scrolling shoot 'em up '80s style arcade game
xblast Lay bombs and Blast the other players of the field (SDL version)
xgalaxy Arcade game: shoot down the space ships attacking the planet
xmoto Challenging 2D Motocross Platform Game

Benefit to Fedora

Games gets people going. The Games lab is a nice candidate for being handed out at events focusing on introducing people to Fedora. While the games are not going to be impressive for hard core gamers, Fedora contains a healthy variety that is likely to have something of interest for most people.

A liveusb based on the lab could be even better as that allows people to play their games on other people's computers while keeping their saved games and high score lists with them.

Kickstart File

ISO Name / FS Label

  • ISO name: Fedora-$release-$arch-Live-Games.iso
  • FS-Label: Fedora-$release-$arch-Games

Ongoing Scope

  • The vision is to pick a good set of showcase games, while still fitting into a reasonable sized download.
  • Review existing included games for suitability.
  • Test sound and music for games that provide it.
  • Test network play for games that support it.
  • Getting good hardware coverage for testing 3D games may be difficult.

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