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(Using #tag:ref instead of <ref> allows for proper handling of the optional bugzilla parameters)
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  | warn
  | warn
  | inprogress = {{#if: {{{2|}}} |[[User:{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]]}}
  | inprogress = {{#if: {{{2|}}} |[[User:{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]]}}
}} {{#if: {{{3|}}} |<ref>{{{3|}}}</ref>}} {{#if: {{{4|}}} |<ref>{{{4}}}</ref>}} {{#if: {{{5|}}} |<ref>{{{5}}}</ref>}} {{#if: {{{6|}}} |<ref>{{{6}}}</ref>}} </div> <noinclude>{{tempdoc}}</noinclude>
}} {{#if: {{{3|}}} |{{#tag:ref|{{bz|{{{3|}}}}}}}}} {{#if: {{{4|}}} |{{#tag:ref|{{bz|{{{4}}}}}}}}} {{#if: {{{5|}}} |{{#tag:ref|{{bz|{{{5}}}}}}}}} {{#if: {{{6|}}} |{{#tag:ref|{{bz|{{{6}}}}}}}}} {{#if: {{{7|}}} |{{#tag:ref|{{bz|{{{7}}}}}}}}} </div> <noinclude>{{tempdoc}}</noinclude>

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Template documentation [edit]
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Result/doc. It will not be transcluded on pages that use this template.

You'll want to use this template as follows:

| Must be either pass, fail, warn or none
| FAS Name of tester
| ''(optional)'' one or more bugzilla ID's seperated by the '|' (PIPE) character

Some examples include:

Wiki syntax Display
Pass pass liam
Bot Pass pass coconut
Inprogress inprogress adamwill
Fail fail jlaska [1] [2]
{{result|warn|rhe}} <ref>Brief description about the warning status</ref>
Warning warn rhe
Unknown unknown

Any bug numbers or reference tags (<ref>) used will need to be displayed somewhere on your page using the <references/> syntax. The following list demonstrates how the above results display when using the <references/> syntax.

  1. RHBZ #12345
  2. RHBZ #54321
  3. Brief description about the warning status