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See Test_Day:2009-05-07_Virtualization.

This test area is concerned with testing that different OSes install successfully as a KVM guest on a Fedora host.



Install each of the following guest OSes:

  1. Fedora 11
  2. Fedora 10
  3. RHEL/CentOS 5.3
  4. RHEL 4
  5. RHEL 3
  6. Windows XP
  7. Another OS of your choice

using virt-manager and/or virt-install.

If possible, use different install methods - e.g. DVD ISO, http, nfs etc. installs for Fedora/RHEL.


If you have problems with any of the tests, file a bug report in bugzilla.

Once you have completed an install, add its details to the table below.

User Fedora RHEL Windows Comments
James Laska