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Thu May 7, 2009 All Day #fedora-qa)

What to test?[edit]

Today's instalment of Fedora Test Day will focus on widespread testing of Fedora Virtualization in general, with a particular emphasis on some:

Who's available[edit]

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...


Prerequisite for Test Day[edit]

You will primarily be concerned with testing Fedora 11 as a virtualization host. You will need:

How to test?[edit]

Jump on IRC, pick some areas to test from the table below, add yourself to the table and file bugs as you see them.

Test Area Comments Testers Required Estimated Time Testers Status
Device Assignment Requires specific hardware (i.e. VT-d) 2 2 hours Mark McLoughlin, Rainer Koenig, Paniraja KM started
sVirt Some familiarity with SELinux would help 4 2 hours Dan Walsh, Martin Koci Not started
VNC Authentication SASL authentication in VNC qemu server; several auth methods need testing 2 2 hours Dan Berrange Not started
Graphical Console F11 guests should have 1024x768 and absolute pointer by default 2 30 minutes Rich Jones, Chris Ward Started
KVM Test Suite We want to have kvm-autotest run on as many different hardware profiles as possible 10 30 minutes Mike Burns, Chris Ward, Lucas Rodrigues, Justin Forbes started
libvirt Basic libvirt acceptance testing 4 30 minutes Dan Berrange, Rich Jones, Pavan Naregundi, Charles Rose, Mark McLoughlin started
virt-install Guest installs from command line 2 2 hours Cole Robinson, Santwana Samantray, Paniraja KM Started
virt-manager Broad coverage of all virt-manager functionality 4 4 hours Cole Robinson, Santwana Samantray, Pavan Naregundi, Paniraja KM, Justin Forbes Started
Guest Installs F10, F11, RHEL 3/4/5 and Windows installs 4 2 hours Liam Li, James Laska, Jason Wang, Vivian Bian, Rainer Koenig, Pavan Naregundi, Santwana Samantray, Chris Ward, Charles Rose, Paniraja KM started
Device Hotplug Testing both hotplug UI and underlying KVM/QEMU support 2 2 hour Marcelo Tosatti Not started
Save/Restore/Migrate Remote migration needs a second machine, basic testing possible without this 2 2 hours Glauber Costa, Charles Rose, Lucas Rodrigues Not started
Suspend_Resume Important to stress test guests while suspending/resuming 2 2 hours Marcelo Tosatti, Santwana Samantray, Chris Ward, Paniraja KM Started
Console Including graphical/serial, scaling, fullscreen, grabs, keymaps 4 2 hours Dan Berrange, James Laska Started
Networking Different host network configurations, different NICs 2 2 hours Mark McLoughlin Not started
Storage Different storage pools, image formats, virtio/ide/scsi, caching modes 2 4 hours Dan Berrange, John Cooper, Jan Scotka Not started
Xen DomU Ensure that F11 works well as a Xen guest; comprehensive set of test cases on different guest/host combinations 2 8 hours Chris Lalancette Not started