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See Test_Day:2009-05-07_Virtualization.

This test area is concerned with Xen DomU functionality, which is based on the pv_ops work in upstream Linux. We need to make sure that Xen DomU is roughly as functional as the earlier, non-upstream versions of Xen DomU (i.e. RHEL-5, Fedora 8, etc.).


You need a distribution with Xen Dom0 support. This can either be Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, CentOS 5, Suse, Fedora 8, etc. We also highly recommend that your distribution is fully updated to the latest released packages.

If you are running a RHEL-5 Dom0, there are some 5.4 preview packages available here. These packages should allow you to do 32pv-on-64 dom0 testing, if you are so inclined. Note that these packages are not supported by Red Hat in any way, they are just for testing.

Note that in all of the test cases, unless otherwise stated, all commands should be run as root.


Follow each of these test cases:

  1. Guest install
  2. Memory ballooning
  3. Save/restore
  4. Live migration
  5. Guest pause/unpause
  6. CPU hotplug
  7. Network devices
  8. Block attach/detach
  9. Paravirt framebuffer
  10. Guest crash dump
  11. Execshield
  12. GDB
  13. Statically linked binaries
  14. Kernel command line parameters
  15. Host machine lacking NX support

If possible each of the tests should be repeated for:

  1. 32-bit DomU on a 32-bit Dom0
  2. 32-bit DomU on a 64-bit Dom0
  3. 64-bit DomU on a 64-bit Dom0


If you have problems with any of the tests, file a bug report in bugzilla.

Once you have completed the tests, add your results to the table below.

User Dom0 Install Ballooning Save/restore Migration Pause Comments
Chris Lalancette RHEL5.3 with virttestday pkgs partially works filed partially works

x86_64:Hit, so only tested up to 2047MB

x86_64: Pass
Dale Bewley F8 x86_64 works x86_64 & i386 works x86_64 & i386 but only below <currentMemory> value works x86_64 & i386

User Dom0 CPU hotplug Network PVFB Block attach Crash dump Comments
Chris Lalancette RHEL5.3 with virttestday pkgs x86_64: Partially succeeded, can unplug CPUs, but not plug them back in. x86_64: Pass x86_64: Partially succeeded, can attach/detach disks, but trying to detach an in-use disk (eventually) causes guest crash. Large disks partially work, but can cause lockups. Attaching 70 disks works x86_64: Fail, filed
Dale Bewley F8 x86_64 works x86_64 & i386

User Dom0 Execshield Static binaries GDB Cmdline NX Comments
Chris Lalancette RHEL5.3 with virttestday pkgs x86_64: Pass x86_64: Pass x86_64: Pass, but see