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QUESTION: why do you need a DVD ISO for Fedora 8 to run kvm-autotest? poelcat 19:11, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

QUESTION: If I would e.g. want to participate in the "Guest Install" tests, where shall I file my "test plan"?

  • The test plan and test cases section is not yet complete. We expect to have several examples available in the coming days. Stay tuned ...

QUESTION: I would like to help with the KVM autotest suite, but looking at the docs it looks like it will use git to update some things. I'm afraid my company firewall won't allow git access to external sites. Ist there a way to tunnel git over http?

  • Git access is required only for downloading the repo. You can also access the repo using an 'http' url. For example
    git clone