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The Fedora Cloud Base image are also delivered as qcow2 images. You can use [ testcloud] to locally boot and test either of these images. You can run testcloud from a git checkout, or use dnf to install it:
The Fedora Cloud Base image are also delivered as qcow2 images. You can use [ testcloud] to locally boot and test either of these images. You can run testcloud from a git checkout, or use dnf to install it:
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-northeast-1      ami-0e2d0ec7efa1b8ab3 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-northeast-2      ami-062f10c8b8294e994 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-south-1          ami-00079397a56c100f1 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-southeast-1      ami-06f833d5fa0c15197 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-southeast-2      ami-0dfdfaafec7792bfd hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ca-central-1        ami-02ef0473035f36b99 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        eu-central-1        ami-0cbc0cb681225a2d1 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        eu-west-1            ami-04eecc0083c2c1588 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        eu-west-2            ami-02e2b58b7cc0bb9a0 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        sa-east-1            ami-0491c2c92be47fdec hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        us-east-1            ami-032fccb1cb4ee0530 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        us-east-2            ami-04a772681cfd0d769 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        us-west-1            ami-0d764508c381285a6 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        us-west-2            ami-09b5db3c568a73c2d hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-northeast-1      ami-07609be171a746469 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-northeast-2      ami-09c47c63c9b5053a8 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-south-1          ami-0254bbc7831ec3e4c hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-southeast-1      ami-0bdb751c1c8232d18 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ap-southeast-2      ami-04091daac7ae2437a hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        ca-central-1        ami-09b35f81cf57c4d26 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        eu-central-1        ami-08c7508c66d10d4d5 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        eu-west-1            ami-07531ad50e0f8f210 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        eu-west-2            ami-0342fd715a54f6ce3 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        sa-east-1            ami-09507736ba73cb278 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        us-east-1            ami-0717887b79d906fa8 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        us-east-2            ami-02412e7cad7ab7423 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        us-west-1            ami-010bdf3663382e463 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64        us-west-2            ami-000a5e4f1eae697df hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-northeast-1      ami-0a3e5ecd1af437cf6 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-northeast-2      ami-0b045a55b71328675 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-south-1          ami-0af5597b67dca44b2 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-southeast-1      ami-0f7c110aa63ebf24f hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-southeast-2      ami-06a13536a962bff9f hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ca-central-1        ami-0500fc6a8144abc1e hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-central-1        ami-0bfe51e7af68b9980 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-west-1            ami-000b9d8c6830276dd hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-west-2            ami-0be03c632b49517eb hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          sa-east-1            ami-067b6e5526e573986 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-east-1            ami-06c522b66d738d1b4 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-east-2            ami-0d4391c189dbf5314 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-west-1            ami-036700754636cd5d6 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-west-2            ami-0b5bffa2ebe93b6b1 hvm          gp2           
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-northeast-1      ami-053db6774d7445008 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-northeast-2      ami-0442ce2f15031feb4 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-south-1          ami-06fc0551e1d52cef7 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-southeast-1      ami-01aa690f13cd7c4cb hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-southeast-2      ami-0d5379ab9e543f8c9 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ca-central-1        ami-039195f65eace16e5 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-central-1        ami-0ae7e51b5eacc4cfa hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-west-1            ami-02e9b94502ffdd3b9 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-west-2            ami-0fac4adf87a0b23be hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          sa-east-1            ami-02226636bef6e4bfe hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-east-1            ami-0f4f76118f4ca5b59 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-east-2            ami-08387bf7d423dd979 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-west-1            ami-067f7c28153092394 hvm          standard     
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-west-2            ami-07650985f321a99f3 hvm          standard

Revision as of 21:09, 17 March 2020

Cloud Test Day

Date 2020-03-20
Time all day

Website QA/Test Days
IRC #fedora-test-day (webirc)
Mailing list test

Can't make the date?
If you come to this page before or after the test day is completed, your testing is still valuable, and you can use the information on this page to test, file any bugs you find at Bugzilla, and add your results to the results section. If this page is more than a month old when you arrive here, please check the current schedule and see if a similar but more recent Test Day is planned or has already happened.

What to test?

Today's instalment of Fedora Test Day will focus on Fedora 32 Cloud images

Who's available

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

Prerequisite for Test Day

A fresh system, testcloud to test qcow images locally, or access to a cloud provider like OpenStack or AWS, and a desire to break software.

Qcow2 images

The Fedora Cloud Base image are also delivered as qcow2 images. You can use testcloud to locally boot and test either of these images. You can run testcloud from a git checkout, or use dnf to install it:

Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-northeast-1       ami-0e2d0ec7efa1b8ab3 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-northeast-2       ami-062f10c8b8294e994 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-south-1           ami-00079397a56c100f1 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-southeast-1       ami-06f833d5fa0c15197 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-southeast-2       ami-0dfdfaafec7792bfd hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ca-central-1         ami-02ef0473035f36b99 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         eu-central-1         ami-0cbc0cb681225a2d1 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         eu-west-1            ami-04eecc0083c2c1588 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         eu-west-2            ami-02e2b58b7cc0bb9a0 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         sa-east-1            ami-0491c2c92be47fdec hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         us-east-1            ami-032fccb1cb4ee0530 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         us-east-2            ami-04a772681cfd0d769 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         us-west-1            ami-0d764508c381285a6 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         us-west-2            ami-09b5db3c568a73c2d hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-northeast-1       ami-07609be171a746469 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-northeast-2       ami-09c47c63c9b5053a8 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-south-1           ami-0254bbc7831ec3e4c hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-southeast-1       ami-0bdb751c1c8232d18 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ap-southeast-2       ami-04091daac7ae2437a hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         ca-central-1         ami-09b35f81cf57c4d26 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         eu-central-1         ami-08c7508c66d10d4d5 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         eu-west-1            ami-07531ad50e0f8f210 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         eu-west-2            ami-0342fd715a54f6ce3 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         sa-east-1            ami-09507736ba73cb278 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         us-east-1            ami-0717887b79d906fa8 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         us-east-2            ami-02412e7cad7ab7423 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         us-west-1            ami-010bdf3663382e463 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.aarch64         us-west-2            ami-000a5e4f1eae697df hvm           standard       

Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-northeast-1       ami-0a3e5ecd1af437cf6 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-northeast-2       ami-0b045a55b71328675 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-south-1           ami-0af5597b67dca44b2 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-southeast-1       ami-0f7c110aa63ebf24f hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-southeast-2       ami-06a13536a962bff9f hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ca-central-1         ami-0500fc6a8144abc1e hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-central-1         ami-0bfe51e7af68b9980 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-west-1            ami-000b9d8c6830276dd hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-west-2            ami-0be03c632b49517eb hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          sa-east-1            ami-067b6e5526e573986 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-east-1            ami-06c522b66d738d1b4 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-east-2            ami-0d4391c189dbf5314 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-west-1            ami-036700754636cd5d6 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-west-2            ami-0b5bffa2ebe93b6b1 hvm           gp2            
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-northeast-1       ami-053db6774d7445008 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-northeast-2       ami-0442ce2f15031feb4 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-south-1           ami-06fc0551e1d52cef7 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-southeast-1       ami-01aa690f13cd7c4cb hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ap-southeast-2       ami-0d5379ab9e543f8c9 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          ca-central-1         ami-039195f65eace16e5 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-central-1         ami-0ae7e51b5eacc4cfa hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-west-1            ami-02e9b94502ffdd3b9 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          eu-west-2            ami-0fac4adf87a0b23be hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          sa-east-1            ami-02226636bef6e4bfe hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-east-1            ami-0f4f76118f4ca5b59 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-east-2            ami-08387bf7d423dd979 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-west-1            ami-067f7c28153092394 hvm           standard       
Fedora-Cloud-Base-32_Beta-1.2.x86_64          us-west-2            ami-07650985f321a99f3 hvm           standard

sudo dnf install -y testcloud

Once it's installed, you can run testcloud like so:

testcloud instance create <name of instance> -u imag.qcow2

You can also boot qcow2 images using virtualization clients like virt-manager or VirtualBox with instruction provided here

How to test?

This testday is more general, so attempt to do anything and everything with these images :) Specifically though, we'd like to take a look at the following scenarios:


  • Test different cloud-init configs
  • Deploy and run some applications in the cloud

EC2 If you have access to Amazon EC2, you can use one of the AMIs listed above for testing.

Run the tests

Visit the result page and click on the column title links to see the tests that need to be run: most column titles are links to a specific test case. Follow the instructions there, then enter your results by clicking the Enter result button for the test.

This testday is also meant to be exploratory, so the list on the testday app is not at all comprehensive!

Reporting bugs

If you find anything that seems wrong or off, please report a bug on Bugzilla. The affected component should be clear from whatever error message you happen to find, but if you aren't sure, ask in IRC. If you are unsure about exactly how to file the report or what other information to include, just ask on IRC and we will help you.

Test Results