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Standard Replies

AskFedora AutoResponse

Fedora Free Media Program Appication


Are you interested in becoming a contributor for Fedora Free Media Program?

If so, please answer following questions.

1. Do you have a DVD burner?

2. Have you downloaded the latest Fedora binary and source ISO images?

3. Can you accept at least two media per month?

If you answered yes to all of your above questions,

1. Apply for "freemedia" group via Fedora Account System first.

2. Subscribe to Fedora Free Media Program Mailing List and wait for an approval.


How to become a vendor?

Unfortunately, we do not provide physical media to vendors to sell 
or re-distribute. We only provide Vendor Listing service via 
OnlineVendors or LocalVendors pages. However, we do have some 
information on "Preparing Media" and "Fedora Trademark Guidelines"
for Media Vendors to follow on Distribution page[1] .



How to change subscription email address

Please check the email address which you're subscribed to the list.
You can change the subscription email address in the list preferences.

1) Go to the list info page you subscribe the email address from.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says -
"change your subscription options enter your subscription email address"

3) Type in your current subscription email address and click [Unsubscribe or edit option]  button.

4) Type in your current subscription password and click [Login]  button.

5) Type in *new* email address in "New address" and "Again to confirm" fields.

If you want to make the membership changes for all the lists that you are subscribed to
at, turn on the "Change globally" check box.

6) Click on [Change My Address and Name]  button.


FreeMedia - Invalid Address

Please reply to this email with your Universal Postal Union Standard Address including POSTCODE and COUNTRY.
Otherwise, we'll not accept your request!
To see an example for Universal Postal Union Standard Address format, please refer to:

FreeMedia - Maximum Capacity

Sorry, we can no longer accept requests as we have reached maximum capacity.
Please check back in next month.

Info / Support Email

Thank you for contacting Fedora Project.
However this email address is reserved for general information only.
Please use following resources for a community help.
I recommend and fedora-list.

Open Video Contest - missing video

Thank you for your interest in the Open Video Contest!
In order to participate, you need to submit your video with your
registration email. Please refer to the requirements listed on the
contest page:

Open Video Contest - sucessful entry

Thank you for your submission and it has been entered successfully
for Open Video Contest.
Your video will be available for public viewing on our Fedora Wiki
within 24 hours.

Thank you for contacting Fedora Project.
However Fedora Sponsored Media Program is meant for an established
business owner such as Online Vendor who can accept Sponsored Media
orders on behalf of Fedora Free Media Program to fulfill free media
requests from users who can't afford otherwise.

Apache Default Page

Thank for contacting Fedora Project.
However we have no affiliation with the identy you described above.
Please see following page for more information on default "Fedora Core
Test page"

Ambassadors Material Request

Thank you for contacting Fedora Project.
However this form is used for Fedora Ambassadors only.
If you're interested in becoming a Fedora Ambassador, please refer to:

Ambassadors must also complete a thirty-day probation period before they can
request new merchandise, during which time they must demonstrate their willingness
to contribute and support Fedora through active involvement with the project.
All requests will be reviewed by the  Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee.

There are other ways to get the distribution, please refer to:

Online Vendors

Thank you for contacting Fedora Project.
Please provide following information to be added to Online Vendors list.

* Online Business Name:
* Business URL:
* Fedora Media URL:
* Contact Name/Title:
* Postal Mailing address:
* Email address:

Also provide SHA1 checksum of your Fedora Media to verify.

Local Vendors

Thank you for contacting Fedora Project.
Please provide following information to be added to Local Vendors list.

* Local Business Name:
* Provide Linux Support?:
* Contact Name/Title:
* Postal Mailing address:
* Email address: