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Thomas Chung

Please note, I'm no longer an active member of Fedora Project. If you have any question on Free Media Program, please contact Susmit or Frank.

Fedora Ambassador for Southern California , USA and Former Chair for Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committees

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  • Email: [mailto: removed for privacy]

to refresh existing keys:

$ gpg --keyserver --refresh-keys

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$ gpg -r -sea message

Sorry, I can not accept Free Media Requests that are made by emailing me personally. You must fill out the request form at FreeMedia It opens on the first week of every month and once your name is in the queue I or another Ambassador/Contributor will get your disc out just as soon as we can. Thank you for understanding.


Hi, my name is Thomas Chung. Many of you know me from Fedora Weekly News . Professionally, I'm a software engineer working for an IT company. Personally, I'm 38 years old, happily married with one beautiful daughter. I'm originally from Korea but I've been living in Southern California for half of my life and I'm a Korean American. I'm a Fedora Ambassador for Southern California, USA. See below for a list of Open Source Projects I was involved in the past.

Projects involved in the past

Fedora News Project

Fedora Websites Project

Fedora Ambassdors Project


  • pup - Fedora Core Package Updater
  • pirut - Fedora Core Package Installation, Removal and Update Tools
  • Fluendo MP3 - Installing Fluendo MP3 Plug-in
  • Codeina - Installing Fluendo MP3 Plug-in with Codeina



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