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Contact Details

  • Name  : Ujjal Saha
  • E-mail ID  : [1]
  • Contact No.: +91 9734951557
  • PublicKey  :

About Me

      Hello everyone in Fedora. This is Ujjal Saha. I am a student in B.Tech[IT]. I am from India. My 

interest in fedora started with a workshop in our college [ IMPS-college of Engineering & Technolgy] held by one of fedora ambassadors Kushal Das, for me the greatest guy ever I meet directly who's working on a global company. His words just changed my course of Life.

And the three guys who were in our college with Kushal, they were   rtnpro,  Harsh[Yevlempy]
 and  kishan. Those guys were tremendously helpful and damn serious about their work. Hey guys thanks again.I have  installed and have experiences using from Red Hat, Open SUSE,Ubuntu, and

even the Mandriva Linux. I am here to contribute to fedora, motivated by the open source terminology and interested to have a long term relationship with fedora community.

I am presently working on this project. Fedora Projects

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