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Hello everyone in Fedora. This is Ujjal Saha. I am a student in B.Tech[IT]. I am from India. My interest in fedora started with a workshop in our college IMPS-college of Engineering & Technolgyheld by one of fedora ambassadors Kushal Das,for me the greatest guy ever I meet directly who's working on a global company. His words just changed my course of Life.And the three guys who were in our college with Kushal,they were rtnpro,Harsh[Yevlempy] andkishan.Those guys were tremendously helpful and damn serious about their work. Hey guys thanks again. I have installed and have experiences using from Red Hat, Open SUSE,Ubuntu, and even the Mandriva Linux. I am here to contribute to fedora, motivated by the open source terminology and interested to have a long term relationship with fedora community. I am presently working on this project

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Best Thing In My Life

The best thing in my life, well I say, it started with my childhood. My parents are the most supporting people in my life. They always cared for my little wishes. Grown-up in the little town [Birpara], I found a great group of people around me. Those people were seriously nice.

My School life too, was a very funny and interactive one. Through my early days I found n myself that everything that was nice in me was of my dad's character and whatever rude behavior in my character was, it was mine.

I am passionate about bikes, I love speed on the roads. I have Apache'150 and believe me its a true machine. From my childhood I was very curious about computers. I have one desktop, my first computer with pentium 4 processor, 128MB RAM, 40GB Hdd. It was a nice machine. Through the day passes I started to upgrade it and from then I have used more than 2 Laptops[Lenovo,HCL] and presently I am using a Athlon 64 Bit machine with 1 GB DDR2 RAM and 160 GB HDD.

And the most important person in my life who have a great influence whatever I do is my love. Thanks to her for supporting me in all my needs.

My Introduction to this community was a part of a workshop in our college and thanks to Kushal da. The introductory topics on python was a great one to go.Now I am in love with Python and Fedora. Want to do projects on it and prove myself to be a hard working guy for this community.