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  • Housekeeping
  • Go over packages in list
  • See what their current status is and update wiki page accordingly


Assigning tasks

Work plan

  • Volunteers put up their names on wiki
  • Appoint wiki wrangler
  • Divide wishlist among remaining volunteers
  • Volunteers check up packages and submit report to wiki wrangler
  • Wiki wrangler updates wishlist page

Work division

Please assign yourself a task by November 16 2012. First come first serve.

Task Volunteer Status
Wiki wrangler 1 - for entries from A - K Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"
Wiki wrangler 2 - for entries from L - Z Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"
A-D + E-G Akshay Vyas
H-K + L-M Sourav Basu
N-O + P Praveen Kumar Complete
Q-S + T-W + X-Z Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"

Volunteeers and their roles

We need a wiki page wrangler. Is that you?


Timezone: UTC

  • Volunteers add themselves to list: - November 14 2012
  • Assign tasks: November 15 2012
  • Submit reports to wiki wrangler: November 29 2012
  • Wrangler updates wiki page: by December 10 2012

Example case

Check bugzilla

Check repositories

$ repoquery aardict

$ bodhi -L aardict

I'm lazy. This is what I came up with. Can be improved to even generate the table:

$ sudo yum install bodhi-client bugzilla-client

## Download the section you want to check from the wiki into a text file. Here, it's called t-w.txt

$ for i in `cat t-w.txt  | awk 'BEGIN {FS="]"} ;{print $1}' | awk '{print tolower($3)}' | sed '/===/d'`; do echo "*** $i being checked ***";  echo "*** $i ***" >> t-w-report.txt ; bodhi -L "$i" >> t-w-report.txt ; bugzilla query -p fedora -c "$i" --oneline >> t-w-report.txt; echo >> t-w-report.txt; echo >> t-w-report.txt ; done

## It'll generate a file called t-w-report.txt. Do the same for the other sections
## Do go over the report manually and check. This is a very simple script that may miss corner cases.

Report result in a table form

Package name URL Status Comment
aardict aardict rhbz#687875 Review in progress (stalled)