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Alexjan Carraturo


Hello, my name is Alexjan Carraturo, and I am a student of the course's degree in computer science at the University of Milan. I graduated in Computer Science at the University of Perugia in September 2007.

I am the administrator of "Free Software User Gruop Italia", and actively participate in numerous groups around Italy as Hacklab, LUG, FSUG, and some social network for digital freedom.

I am board member of "Software Freedom Intrnational" (No-profit group that organize int the world the "Software Freedom Day"

I am FSFE Fellow



Fedora Events

I have participated actively in these events

  • Liberamente08 2008 Opera (MI)
  • Metro Olographix Camp 2008 Pescara (PE)
  • Fedora 9 Release Party (LO)
  • OccasionePerduta 2008 Pisa (PI)
  • ESC2K09 End Summer Camp 2009 Venezia (VE)
  • CCOS Floss in Festa 2009 Perugia (PG)
  • Fedora 10 Release Party (MI)
  • Linux Day 2009 Sassari (SS)
  • Linux Day 2009 Milano (MI)
  • [CereaFair]

I have organized these events

Activities within Fedora