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Fedora @ Cerea Fair (Italy, 2010)

Location and Date


How to reach Cerea

  • By car (+ Carsharing)
  • By Airplane: Verona airport
  • By Train: Verona central station, Cerea station (very near), Nogara station, Legnago station

Useful infos from a past event: [1]


Right now there are this car available:

  • AlexjanCarraturo
    • Time travels:
      • Departing Friday evening
      • Returning Sunday evening
      • Sits total/available: 4/3
    • Passengers: MarinaLatini, ...
  • LucaFoppiano
    • Time travels:
      • Departing Saturday morning
      • Returning Sunday morning
      • Sits total/available: 4/3
    • Passengers: FrancescoCrippa, ...

Accomodation and stay

Ass. "IRIDE" - Ostello "ADIGE"
via Batorcolo, 46
37048 San Pietro di Legnago (VR), Italy

Price: 20€ per night, per person. (breakfast included)

Responsible Ambassadors


FAS Name & Full Name Need hotel? Need sponsorship? 16 17 Arrival Departure Comments
Luca Foppiano Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Stop (medium size).png Questionmark.png Questionmark.png
Alexjan Carraturo Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Questionmark.png Questionmark.png
Gianluca Varisco Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Stop (medium size).png Stop (medium size).png Questionmark.png Questionmark.png Ho bisogno di ancora qualche giorno per potervi dire se sarò in Italia, sorry.
Davide Benini Stop (medium size).png Stop (medium size).png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Questionmark.png Questionmark.png
Marina Latini Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Questionmark.png Questionmark.png
Lorenzo Villani Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Venerdi' Sabato
Francesco Crippa Stop (medium size).png Stop (medium size).png Checkmark.png Stop (medium size).png Sabato Domenica

Budget estimation

  • Accomodation: 20€ * 2 * 8 = 320€ (2 days (Friday 15th and Saturday 16th, 8 estimated people (not sure yet))
  • Travel & other expenses: 100/150€
  • Gadgets/CDs: check the inventory before



  • CD/DVD Checkmark.png
  • Volantini


  • 1 laptop (luca - Sabato)
  • 1 XO (di byte-code, possiamo lasciarlo anche la domenica a patto che ritorni sano e salvo :D)
  • 2 laptops (byte-code)
  • 1 laptop (alex)
  • 3 netbooks (alex, marina, lorenzo)


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