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I work for Red Hat in platform engineering. As of 14-Nov-2023, I have been at Red Hat for 18 years. I have worked on a number of projects at Red Hat. Prior to Red Hat, I worked for Internet Security Systems (acquired by IBM after I left to go work for Red Hat), assorted Solaris shops, some phone companies, and I was a core team member of Slackware Linux employed by Walnut Creek CDROM (later BSDi). I have been involved in the Linux and open source communities for the entirety of my career.

Current projects:

Past projects:

  • Anaconda from Fedora Core 4 through post-RHEL-7 (forget which Fedora release)
  • Multiple networking subsystems in Anaconda
  • s390x installer work
  • DHCPv6 through wide-dhcpv6 and later contributing to ISC DHCP so Fedora (and RHEL) could use it directly
  • Various packaging and imaging tools
  • Upstream maintainer of GNU Parted
  • pykickstart
  • pyparted overhaul
  • DevConf.US volunteer wrangling


I live in Medford, Massachusetts and work from Red Hat's Boston office.