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I like Linux, especially fedora. As it comes just with free software,
you might have to tune it a bit to customize or get a better performance.

Steps I do:

  1. Music and Video Codecs All versions
  2. Installing Free and Nonfree Repositories If not done while installing.
  3. Install firefox-dev copr (Development version of Firefox) Workstation Gnome
  4. Protonvpn CLI
  5. Use always sudo for dnf
  6. Tune dnf for speed: /etc/dnf/dnf.conf >add fastestmirror=True max_parallel_downloads=10 and keepcache=True
  7. Switch off Suspend and Hybernation to use a Workstation like a Server
  8. nm-connection-editor a alternative to edit network connections in Gnome.
  9. gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry true #Gnome Files; Location entry=cut and paste
  10. ?

Useful Topics/Links:

  1. Pitfalls & differences win-linux
  2. Bridged Network howto & Using the NetworkManager Command Line Tool, nmcli
  3. Lightdm howto