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This page serves as an abstract scratchpad for the annual Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) BrickHack hackathon event. This is a major hackathon event that occurs every year on the RIT campus.

What is it?








Who is involved?

In order for this event to truly be successful on a medium- to large-scale, it would require multilateral action by a variety of on-campus organizations and clubs for planning and organization. Admittedly, this comes with the possibility of club politics interfering with the actual execution of the event, so it would be important to have some kind of decision-making system in place for working with these groups that might have mutual and opposite interests. Such organizations that may be interested in helping:

When would this happen?


Where would it be?

The ideal location would the the Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship. There is a decent-sized room in this building where past hackathons have been run that would likely make a good candidate for hosting this event.

Why do it?