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This page lists global-level goals for the QA project. It was created as an adjunct to a fedora-test-list discussion on the subject in February, 2009.

Fedora 12 Goals

Data Presentation

As is typically the case for updates-testing or rawhide, there are failures present but the information isn't recorded somewhere. This focus area is designed to outline areas where we can provide automated test data collection. This data can later be used for decision making or policy, but the focus now is on gathering the data.

One initiative

Process Definition

The QA team does a lot. This goal is intended to demystify the process and procedures members of the QA team follow on a regular basis. The idea is that by documenting a process, you increase transparency, invite participation and outline areas for future improvement.

Test Day SOP

Create a Fedora Test Day SOP describing how to host a test day

Status Owner
INPROGRESS User:Adamwill

How to get involved

Help review User:Adamwill/Draft_test_day_SOP

Install Test Run SOP

Create a Fedora Installation Test SOP - describe the process for hosting a collaborative test run during Fedora 12 milestones

Status Owner

How to get involved

Help review User:Liam/Draft_Install_Test_SOP

Test Days Revisited

Fedora 11 test days were a success. The plan for Fedora 12 will be to build on the success, identify and improve on any pain points.

  1. Solicit feedback from test day participants - Fedora_11_Test_Day_Survey