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Date City State Activity Role Description
2013-11-09 Sao Paulo SP FAD Ambassador In the first meeting, and as Ambassador. During the conference, Embaixador - Wolnei who invited me to be a member of Project QA-which usually'm practicing Member

And also Ramilton ambassador to translation team

2013-11-13 Araras SP Fedora 20 Release Marketing

2014-01-18 São Paulo SP Release Party F20 Ambassador

Presentation about new features in Fedora 20. Plan activities for FY15 in Sao Paulo. Anyone is invited to participate, however we have limited space and the room can accommodate up to 15 people. Embaixador - Leonardo Vaz , Embaixador - Claudio Penassio Junior

2014 São Paulo SP Campus Party Ambassador Speaker

Presentation about Fedora [[ | campus party]]

2014 São Carlos SP Flisol Ambassador Speaker

Presention About Fedora 20 and Fedora Next [[ http:// | Flisol São Carlos Sao Paulo]]

2014 Araras SP Semana da informática 2014 Ambassador Speaker Presentation Free Software and Freedom Desktop
2014 Foz Iguaçu PR LatinoWare 2014 Ambassador Speak Presentation Fedora Eletronic Lab and Hardware livre and Spin
2015 Araras SP Curso Linux Livre Ambassador Speaker Presentation about Features in Fedora 22 (workstation,server, cloud)
2015 São Paulo SP CryptoRave Amabassador Speak Presetation Software Livre and Crypto
2015 Sáo Paulo SP New Realese F-22 Ambassador - Speak New Project Eletronic ? and Features Fedora 22
2015 Foz Iguaçu PR LatinoWare Ambassador -Speak Eletronic Labs a Internet things
2015 Araras SP Semana Tecnologia Ambassador - Sepak Fedora Release
2016 São Paulo Sp Campus Party Brazil Ambassador - Speak Skeak Fedora ( server - cloud )
2016 São Paulo SP Flisol Ambassador - Speak Fedora install Speak Fedora project
2016 São Paulo Sp Cryptorave Ambassador - Speak Fedora install Speak FEdora Project ( Cloud Server workstation)
2016 São Paulo Sp FEDORA Realese F- 24 Amabassador - Speak Fedora Python ão
2016 São Paulo SP OSASCO -OPEN Ambassador Responsible event represent Fedora
2016 São Paulo SP Meetup Papo de SysaAdmin Ambassador Speak Fedora used Docker
2017 São Paulo SP Campus Party (PapodeSyAdmin) Ambassador Fedora install and Fedora cloud solution
2018 São Paulo SP Campus Party (PapodeSysadmin) Ambassador Speak Project Fedora Cloud Solution and Represent Fedora Gnome
2018 Sõ Paulo SP CryptoRave Ambassador Speak Container Vulnerability Scanning.