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Hello to anyone reading these notes,

my nickname, related to the Italian Fedora community FedoraOnLine, is mailga but my real name is Gabriele Trombini.

Already at the end of nineties, I was fascinated by GNU/Linux but my interest has never been supported by the successful installation of any kind of distribution.

It was only in the following year, with the support of a dear friend, that, more convinced, I tried again the installation and the utilization; so the choice fell on the Red Hat distribution.

Since that time I have dedicated much time to the Linux world and, when Fedora has seen the light, I made my choice of loyalty to the Fedora Project.

Since 2006 I collaborate with FedoraOnLine and, over time, the incessant expansion of the Italian community is also due to my support, work and promulgation.

Personal details

I was born in Milan (Italy) a long time ago (for many people), in the August of 1966, but I moved ten years ago in the countryside near Lecco, in Brianza.

I am married and I have two children that are not old enough to use the personal computer.


I'm one of the owners of a private company and I'm the administrative responsible of the business management, budgets, credits and financials.

I am an expert in management control, in economic forecasts and in fiscal and banking solutions.

The company is in the commercial sector of wholesale of equipment for air conditioning, ventilation and air treatment.


Sport occupied most of my free time in the past, but now my family, children and my job have become more important, so actually my interests are confined to the world of Fedora, to the FedoraOnLine forum, to the study of next releases and to the things around the Fedora Project.

Fedora Activities

Until now
As mentioned above, since 2006 I collaborate with the Italian Community of Fedora and, with the site Webmaster (Robyduck) and the excellent collaborators Trpost, Marios, Virus), together we promote both the Fedora operating system and the values in which it believes.

With my friend Robyduck, a few years ago, we also decided to write and distribute a book for those who wanted to become Fedora users, fortunately enjoying a little success.

In fact we are very satisfied about the work; we provided to the affected users a tool (in some ways still current) to make easier the first installation of Fedora and, at the same time, create interest around our operating system, explaining topics deeply, with respect to the preparation of those who approached for the first time to Linux.

The topics were related to the installation and first configuration, to the filesystem structure, to the Grub configuration, to the services and, also, to an overview of the kernel build.

The goal of the forum is clear and precise, in other words we want bring more users as possible in the world of Fedora Project.

My work in the forum covers many aspects, the main are giving technical support to the members, writing howtos in italian and involving much as possible the undecided users.

In the future

Although I don't have much free time, I have many projects to be implemented for the Italian users:

first of all, with the staff, we plan to expand the forum FedoraOnLine to offer to users a more complete service;
creating free contents to find information and news about Fedora and the Fedora Project;
promoting events and remote assistance;
promoting free software and the open source philosophy;


E-mail address: mailga

Fedora Account: mailga

Final notes

...... that's all!