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Robert Mayr
Robert Mayr
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Home: Bolzano/Bozen, Italy
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FAS-Name: robyduck
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I was born in Stuttgart (Germany) and since my third year of life I lived in South-Tyrol, until 2010 when I went to Lodi, near Milan. In 2016 I returned back to the Alps where I actually live with my numerous family. Practice sports is one of the hobbies I like more and I also was part of the italian national junior team in athletics, decathlon. Actually I do all kind of sports, from icehockey, biking, to windsurfing and running.
In my working life I'm in the sector of finance and insurance.
As I've also 2 daughters and 2 sons my spare time isn't so much, but I'm appasionated in informatics. I'm using Linux systems since 2002, mainly Redhat 7-8-9, and Fedora since the first release. In 2004 I realized a small project, which initially was born to help new Fedora users approaching this distribution, called Fedora Online. In the following years the users and community growed constantly and now it's the greatest and most active community in Italy.

  • Language: Italiano, Deutsch, English
  • History of Fedora Online


With my friend Gabriele Trombini in 2008 I decided to write a manual about Fedora, dedicated to who wants to try this fabulous Linux distribution the first time.
"Fedora 9 - Guida al tuo personale sistema Desktop" contains 230 pages and is available only online, reaching a discreet success on the italian market.
"Fedora 20 - Un sistema Desktop alla portata di tutti" was the second book I wrote, available only as e-book (epub and kindle format) on Amazon and Fedora Online.

Libro copertina.jpg Librof20.jpg

Fedora Activities

  • Since 2005 trying to use Fedora Online as a channel to find more Fedora contributors from Italy.
  • Group member of gitmuffin since 2011.
  • Fedora Ambassador since 2012 and Mentor for EMEA.
  • FAmSCo member for release cycles of F20 and F21, also for F22 and F23.
  • In 2012 I joined the websites team to help maintaining our webpages and becoming soon quite active
  • In 2013 I joined the Infrastructure team to get access to the infra-related modules of the websites and to contribute to some fedora-apps
  • In 2014 I joined the Packager group, you can see my packages here
  • Council member for release cycles F24 and F25. re-elected for F26 and F27.
  • Council member as Mindshare Initiative Lead.
  • FAmSCo chair for release cycles of F26 and F27.
  • Xfce SIG member