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This is not the Ambassadors Join Start Page, go there first!

A Mentor is your partner to get sponsored!

Mentors are experienced ambassadors who can help you quickly become acclimated to the work expected of Ambassadors as well as ensuring that Ambassadors within Fedora do an acceptable job of representing Fedora.

  • Please don't expect an immediate reply. Most mentors have full time jobs, families, and many responsibilities within Fedora. Please be patient.
  • A mentor will NOT initiate contact with you. You MUST initiate contact with a mentor.
  • Also note that a mentor is under no obligation to accept you, you may have to try several mentors, before you find one who has the time and availability to mentor you.

Choosing a mentor

Each major region has a list of possible Regional Ambassador Mentors. Please contact the Mentor via email and introduce yourself. Please include the following information:

  • Your main purpose for joining the Fedora Ambassadors.
    • Note: The mentor may ask you to expand upon this if it's incomplete, or seems inconsistent with the goals of the Fedora Ambassadors.
  • A bit of information about what you have done so far to promote Fedora amongst your peers/friends.

This email will help the Mentor to assess your suitability to be an ambassador.

Regional Ambassador Mentors

You can obtain help from one of these mentors from your region. Please note that the status indicates whether an ambassador is available or unavailable. Sending an email to a mentor who is unavailable or outside your region will result in an unspecified delay!!!
"Regional Ambassador Mentors are a group of people - selected, proposed and appointed by people - not by a leveling system - based on trust (and a lot of soft facts). Prospective mentors are nominated by existing Mentors or a Region and confirmed by FAmSCo - [1]. If you want to be a mentor for the Ambassador group, be a good ambassador and if asked, volunteer to help, when needed. One great way to prepare is, to be a good mentor for the project as a whole." Mentors follow a defined process for helping candidates join the Ambassadors program.

North America (NA)


Latin America and Mexico (LATAM)


Europe, Middle-East, Africa (EMEA)


Asia-Pacific (APAC)

APAC Oceania
APAC Greater China / 大中華地區
APAC India
If you are a student from India, we encourage you to participate in one of the various projects within Fedora before applying to become an Ambassador. We believe that this provides you with the necessary skills and experience to handle the responsibilities expected of a Fedora Ambassador. The various projects can be seen at Please subscribe to the fedora-india mailing list and join us at #fedora-india on IRC for guidance.