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The Fedora Ambassadors program is currently undergoing a revamp. More details can be found at Fedora Ambassadors Revamp 2020.

This page defines the ticket creation and management process Ambassador Mentor (mentor) will use when working with an Ambassador Candidate (candidate). This process starts when the candidate contacts a mentor as defined in 'Choose a Mentor

Candidate Contacts a Mentor

If the candidate is following the process, they will eventually contact a mentor by email. Said mentor should then respond back as soon as possible. The mentor will do one of two things:

  • Inform the candidate that they are unable to mentor at this time.
  • Accept the candidate and start the mentoring process.
Candidates should not contact mentors who say they are unavailable on the Choose A Mentor page. If the mentor is going to be unavailable for a long period of time, please update this page.

Create a Ticket to Track Progress

If the mentor accepts the candidate, the mentor will create a ticket in the FAmA Trac. This ticket will track the mentoring progress for the candidate.

Amb mentor create ticket.png

The Summary *must* include both the FAS account name and the email address of the candidate.
Ensure to set the cc to the email address of the candidate.

Mentoring the Candidate

Once the ticket is created, the mentor guides the candidate. This is done based upon recommendations on the The Ambassadors Membership Service page.

The candidate should apply to the ambassador mailing list during this time.

Mentor Thumbs Up

When the mentor is comfortable that the candidate is ready to become a full ambassador, the Mentor Status should be updated to 'Mentor thumbs up'.

Amb mentor thumbs up.png


Mentor approves the candidate officially, sponsoring him to the FAS Ambassadors Group and closing the candidate's ticket as 'SPONSORED'. An email is sent informing the candidate of his approval and the Trac ticket is updated with congratulations. See Ambassador_mentoring_and_membership_process_changes#What_Mentor_Do for more information.