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The Fedora Ambassadors program is currently undergoing a revamp. More details can be found at Fedora Ambassadors Revamp 2020.


Original Idea(s)

The idea was proposed by Jorge Simon:

Main reasons

Then some main reasons were listed by Christoph Wickert:

  • We should share the workload.
  • We should not have a single point of failure.
  • The mentors do all the work of the sponsoring process, in return they should be rewarded with more recognition and responsibility.
  • Sponsoring somebody and closing his ticket is just a few clicks. No big deal for a mentor, but it can become a lot of work for a single person.
  • As the mentors are filing the tickets, they should also close them.
  • The process would be consistent with all the other groups where sponsors == mentors.

Proposed Changes

  • Give the Mentors to sponsor their own candidates.
  • The owner of last step (Approval) of the current Ambassador Candidate Ticket Management process should be changed to Mentor who opened the ticket at the beginning.

What Mentor Do

  • Mentor will set the Ticket Milestone to "SPONSORED" and Ticket Status to "Resolve as Fixed"
  • Mentor do "Approve" to officially sponsor the candidate in Ambassadors FAS group.
  • Mentor send Welcome message to candidate
  • (the other approach is keeping FAmA the right to send Welcoming messages)