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* '''Email''': mailto:manpazↁ
* '''Email''': mailto:manpazↁ
* '''Fedora Account''': manpaz
* '''Fedora Account''': manpaz
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Manuel F Martinez

  • B.S. Electronics, Informatics and Computer Sciences Engineering
  • Linux Systems Administrator
  • Embedded Linux on ARM Developer
  • PHP/Perl/Python Developer

About me

There are so many things that could be accomplished with Linux, and I like to do as much as any piece of hardware on my hands does let me do in order to deploy the system. I'm a good friend of CLi and with a strong experience in scripting, system customization and device drivers development.

As a Linux developer I'm constantly writing code on Bash Shell, Python and Perl to administrate and automatize process. Also I enjoy to build ports and applications from scratch, fix and debug code, and pack into distributable packages.

Some of the desktop applications experiences had put me in touch with Java and a couple of web development projects in the LAMP stack.

Much of the code for device drivers I have worked on is done in C but also I have developed some device drives under Python in order to embed devices into customized applications.

In the other hand, as administrator I have customized system settings in many ways for desktop manager and applications, daemon services, the Linux kernel, drivers, networking, boot up, provisioning, security scrutiny, distribution modification, etc.

I have customized Linux for embedded devices like VIA CX700, Intel Atom, AMD Geode and the Apple MacMini, with their peripherals like touchscreens, magnetic stripe readers, ESC/POS printers, graphic acceleration cards and so on in order to deploy it on applications like kiosks and embedded control system and robotics.

One of the most exciting things about Linux is that I can keep closer to my personal interests about the electronics, where I can work creating interfaces for the ARM7 and ARM9 cores.

Activities within Fedora

  • Currently I'm maintainer of a couple of packages in the project. I have some other RPMS outside the project, that obviously can't be included because the license.
  • Eventually I'm planning to join and start contribute with Fedora Electronic Lab SIG [1]