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Manuel F Martinez

  • B.S. Electronics, Informatics and Computer Sciences Engineering
  • Linux Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Bash, Python, Perl and PHP Developer
  • Embedded Linux and Electronics

About me

Linux Systems Engineer with a B.S. in Electronics, Informatics and Computer Sciences.

Got started in programming at the age of 7 on a Color Basic TRS-80, and never left computers since then. Formal academic includes programming in Assembler X86/MIPS, Pascal, C, C++ and Java.

Linux user since 1998, then I started to build code and scripting tools for administration tasks in 2001. I use Linux 99.9999% of the time including embedded devices, thin clients, portable devices, desktop, servers and clusters.

Bash shell and Python are my preferred scripting languages for system administration tasks, but have no trouble to write scripts with PHP and Perl as work requires it.

Activities within Fedora

  • Currently I'm maintainer of a couple of packages in the project. I have some other RPMS outside the project, that obviously can't be included because the license.



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