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Marios Isaakidis
Marios Isaakidis
Personal Information
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Home: Limassol, Cyprus
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: misaakidis
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GPG-Key: 6D5999D6
IRC: nDimensional on in
#fedora-el #fedora-ambassadors #ubuntucy #ubuntu-gr #ellak
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About me

Hello! My name is Marios Isaakidis and I I am currently studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Cyprus University of Technology. In cooperation with New Technologies Club of Cyprus University of Technology we are preparing a FOSS team in Limassol.

I believe and spread the word based on the idea of showing why fedora (and open source in general) is so good to use and has a great community and philosophy supporting it, instead of highlighting oppenents' drawbacks. They do their own work; we are planning for the future. And yes it works!

Until now, I have contributed only by acting as the "people person", attending and organizing events, recommending FOSS and helping friends and university students, translating and providing help through irc. This is going to change, as my knowledge in programming, validating and testing software, database and server maintenance and web design skills are improving through university courses and personal research. Strong will is most important qualification for a contributor and I truly support the idea of open source software in my every-day life.

Open Source Software Activities

  • Member of ΕΛΛΑΚ (greek Open Source community) and of campaign OneLaptopPerChild for Greece
  • Member of Ubuntucy (Cypriot Linux and open source community)
  • Translator of projects like Limewire, Ubuntu, MeTV, Firefox...
  • Member of Ubuntu Gaming Team (follow me on launchpad)
  • Firefox Rep of Cyprus
  • Fedora Ambassador of Cyprus

Events participated or organised

  • [Participated] [Infosystem 2009 (Thessaloniki, Greece) (27-28/11/2009)]
  • [Participated] [Free Software Conference 2009 (Nicosia, Cyprus)]
  • [Co-Organized] [Free Software Conference 2010 (Limassol, Cyprus) (29/04/2010)]
  • [Organized] [Fedora 14 Release party + 2 Billion Firefox Downloads (Limassol, Cyprus) (18/11/2010)]

Future Activities

  • Join FOSDEM 2011
  • Join a developing/packaging team
  • Help more students of my university contribute and use linux and open source software in general! [it works!]


  • IRC Channels: #fedora-el #fedora-ambassadors #ubuntucy #ubuntu-gr #ellak @ freenode (nickname nDimensional)
  • Email: misaakidis (@)
  • sip: misaakidis (@)
  • Subscribe to my blog posts about Fedora