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Marios Isaakidis
Marios Isaakidis
Personal Information
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Home: Limassol, Cyprus
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FAS-Name: misaakidis
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GPG-Key: 6D5999D6
IRC: Prometheas on in
#fedora-el #fedora-ambassadors #ubuntucy #ubuntu-gr #ellak
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About me

My name is Marios Isaakidis. I was born and spent my first years in Thessaloniki, a relaxed city in northern Greece. I am studying Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology at Cyprus University of Technology.
Currently I am working with the Serval Architecture researching on Service-Aware networking at ServalDHT.

Open Source Activities

  • Fedora Ambassador
  • Mozilla Rep
  • Member of ΕΛΛΑΚ (Greek Open Source community)
  • Member of Ubuntucy (Cypriot Linux and open source community)
  • Translator of projects like Limewire, Ubuntu, MeTV, WebMaker, Firefox...
  • Greek translation of "FREE CULTURE" by Lawrence Lessig
  • Open Source Ecology Cyprus
  • Co-founder of #hack66 hackerspace and innovation centre in Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Reviewing "Cyprus Access to Information Law"
  • seedbomb | #sporovomva, experimental, collaborative radio show at cut-radio and MYCyRadio on topics around the Open Culture.

Relative Events

  • [Participated] [Infosystem 2007, 2008 (Thessaloniki, Greece)]
  • [Participated] [Free Software Conference 2009 (Nicosia, Cyprus)]
  • [Co-Organized] [Free Software Conference 2010 (Limassol, Cyprus) (29/04/2010)]
  • [Presented] [Seminars: Introduction to programming and C programming language (Cyprus University of Technology) (October - December 2010)]
  • [Organized] [Fedora 14 Release party + 2 Billion Firefox Downloads (Limassol, Cyprus) (18/11/2010)]
  • [Volunteered, Fedora booth] [FOSDEM 2011 (Brussels, Belgium)]
  • [Presented] [Workshop: "Installing Software in Linux" (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, 2011)]
  • [Participated] [THATCamp Cyprus 2011, Proposed Open Source Software as a way to ensure accessibility and universality of information and tehcnological literacy (Limassol, Cyprus) (3-4/9/2011)]
  • [Participated] [Campus Party Milenio (Granada, Spain) (12-16/10/2011) Promoted FOSS among campuseros and hosted campushare, an FTP server based on fedora and proftpd)]
  • [Co-Organized, presented Workshop] [Free/Open Source Software Workshop 2011 (reloaded!), (Limassol, Cyprus) (21/10/2011), Presentation $ make install)]
  • [Organized] [11/11/11 Arcade Marathon, with 8bit music, Arcade games and free beers (Limassol, Cyprus) (11/11/2011)]
  • [Participated] [Unlike Us (Limassol, Cyprus) (23/11/2011)]
  • [Participated] [Arduino Workshop, Gameduino (TheHackerspace, Thessaloniki, Greece) (21/12/11)]
  • [Volunteered, Fedora booth] [FOSDEM 2012 (Brussels, Belgium)]
  • [Participated] [Hack Cyprus won best hardware hack, building a submarine based on raspberry pi (running fedora ARM!) and controlled by android over wifi (Limassol, Cyprus) (1-2/9/2012)]
  • [Participated] [Open World Forum (Paris, France) (11-13/11/2012)]
  • [Participated] [FUDCon Paris 2012 (Paris, France) (13-15/11/2012)]
  • [Volunteered, Fedora booth] [FOSDEM 2013 (Brussels, Belgium)]
  • [Co-Organized] [Ιnitiative to promote FOSS in municipalities and ministries in Cyprus (Limassol, Cyprus) (22/2/2013)]
  • [Volunteered] [Bank of Commons 4: Alternative Solutions for Cyprus, Open Source Ecology (Nicosia, Cyprus) (13-14/4/2013)]
  • [Organized] [Space Apps Challenge Limassol (Limassol, Cyprus) (20-21/4/2013)]
  • [Interviewed] ["Welcome to Hackerland", documentary about hacking and hacktivism]
  • [Presented] ["Advantages from using FOSS in the public sector" (Cyprus Productivity Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus) (14/6/2013)]
  • [Volunteered, Mozilla booth] [openSUSE Conference (Thessaloniki, Greece) (18-22/7/2013)]
  • [Participated] [Greek Ruby Meetup (Thessaloniki, Greece) (22/7/2013)]
  • [Participated] [EUhackathon Hack4yourRights, building 6thCens, (Brussels, Belgium) (24-25/9/2013)]
  • [Presented] ["6thCens: Crowdsourced visualization platform of government surveillance" Demodag (Malmo, Sweden) (1/10/2013)]
  • [Participated] [Mozilla Summit 2013 (Brussels, Belgium) (3-6/10/2013)]
  • [Presented] ["We are Mozilla, and we have a mission", CopenhagenJS October meetup (Copenhagen, Denmark) (17/10/2013)]
  • [Participated] [Douglas Crockford - Which Way Is Forward, (Malmö, Sweden) (6/11/2013)]
  • [Co-Organized] [MozCoffee Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki, Greece) (9/1/2014)]
  • [Volunteered] [FOSDEM 2014 (Brussels, Belgium) (1-2/2/2014)]
  • [Presented] [Collaboration Technologies in Open Source Communities, Guest lecture at Cyprus University of Technology (Limassol, Cyprus) (13/3/2014)]


  • IRC Channels: #fedora-el #fedora-ambassadors #ubuntucy #ellak @ freenode (nickname Prometheas)
  • Email: misaakidis (@)
  • Jabber: (you can also add me to your googletalk account)
  • Twitter: @misaakidis
  • Blog: thoughts
  • Repos: github