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Mohamed Zommara

Mohamed Zommara
[[Image:|center|250px|Mohamed Zommara]]
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Me & Linux

The first time for me to use Linux Operating System was in 2006. I went to customer care with my computer and i found an operating system with unique interface and beautiful effects. I asked him about it and he explained the whole story of Linux. After that i searched about the distributions on the internet and downloaded and tried a lot of them and chose my flavor. I began to make CD's with different kinds of distributions and gave many for free to my friends and family members and in my high school and in the university now. I joined Freedom Day events in Alexandria University and took their lectures and also joined some other events at Alexandria Bibliotheca. I have joined KDE Arabic Translation Team through Fedora Localization Section. Also, i have joined another translation team through Linux Arab Community[1] to translate another later version of KDE.

Me & Fedora

The biggest thing i liked in Fedora is its simplicity. It's not only simple BUT POWERFUL! I call it -Programming Paradise- because it was the easiest distribution to me in making my programs work without having any lagging or such thing. I like Fedora community, it is helpful and people here are always ready to help anytime.