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Mohamed M. Zommara

Mohamed M. Zommara
Mohamed M. Zommara
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FAS name: mohkudai
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My name is Mohamed M. Zommara. I am Egyptian and Alexandria is my main city. I was born in Japan and lived there for around 7 years. I joined Hakozaki Shyuogako (Elementry School) and then i went back again to Egypt until i graduated from High School. Now, i am an undergraduate student in Aerospace Engineering at Kyushu University in Japan. Also, during my high school period i went to Hungary with my family and joined Ady Endre Gimnázium in Debrecen, i stayed there for about 4 months. I can speak Arabic, English, Japanese, and a little bit of French.

Me & Linux

The first time for me to use Linux Operating System was in 2006. I went to customer care with my computer and i found an operating system with unique interface and beautiful effects. I asked him about it and he explained the whole story of Linux. After that i searched about the distributions on the internet and downloaded and tried a lot of them and chose my flavor. I began to make CD's with different kinds of distributions and gave many for free to my friends and family members and in my high school and in the university now. I joined Freedom Day events in Alexandria University and took their lectures and also joined some other events at Alexandria Bibliotheca. I have joined KDE Arabic Translation Team through Fedora Localization Section. Also, i have joined another translation team through Linux Arab Community[1] to translate another later version of KDE.

Me & Fedora

The biggest think i like in Fedora its simplicity. I have never ever seen a distribution as simple as Fedora! It's not only simply BUT POWERFUL! I call it -Programming Paradise- because it was the easiest distribution to me in making my programs work without having any lagging or such thing. I like Fedora community, it is helpful and people here are always ready to help anytime. I always make Fedora CD's and distribute them among my friends in Egypt and Japan and also try to convince people in offices to use it and some of them refused but also others began to use it and they do until now.

  • Q. what do you want to do here at Fedora Project?
  • Ans. I think i know a lot of people in Japan and Egypt and have great relationship with them and i was thinking why not publish it officially among people here and make -for example- my university start to use Fedora, or me start giving lessons in schools on Why Fedora? and such questions which makes people interested in much knowledge about fedora.

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  • Skype: mohamed.mohsen.2010
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  • Twitter: @ZomMoh